Adopting a true concept of Mauritianism

It is high time that our society adopts a true concept of Mauritianism in the evaluation of our political system. Here in Mauritius, history keeps repeating itself in so far as ethnics, caste, and religions are concerned with regards to nominations, promotions and positions at the helm of one’s political career. For instance, we have today four members of the Labour Party elected in our Parliament including Shakeel Mohamed, who is leading the Labour Party in Parliament due to his political experience as MP. But when asked, why not compete for the position of the leader of the Labour party if ever Ramgoolam steps down, Mr Mohamed took a realistic and pessimistic attitude by replying that circumstance won’t allow him to be in that position due to his wrongful birth. He was speaking tongue in cheek (pou pa koz kri kri )
The incident that took place at the Labour Party HQ where an executive meeting was supposed to be chaired by Arvin Boolell but was “hijacked” by Navin Ramgoolam who was supposed to be on a temporary political leave because of certain police cases against him, shows concern as Boolell had to walk out.
Boolell should have known what happened to Sir Satcam Boolell (SSB) in the old Labour days. SSB was leader of the Labour Party and yet he was never given the chance to be a candidate for Prime Ministership. At one time when SSB was about to ally with the MMM, he was sent abroad by the then PM on a virtual mission and in the meantime another politician of the “appropriate caste” jumped into the moving wagon of the MMM to become the next PM. There was then no protest and lamentation at this devious move.
We know that Dr Arvin Boolell is a diehard Labourite and a hard working member of the Labour Party who commands respect. So was Ringadoo, but neither of them could become the leader of the Labour Party or PM. We all know the real reasons behind this. Precisely, for the same reason that Paul Bérenger could never become a PM, despite having “ enormément contribué pour le MMM pendant les 45 années qui se sont écoulés”- (Kavi Ramano dixit).  But I should add that there has been an exception only once when Bérenger pulled up SAJ to the prime ministership. Bérenger was rewarded for a prime ministership for hardly 2 years. I repeat that this was an exceptional case under exceptional circumstances.
Shakeel Mohamed should reflect on these cases. It will be difficult for him to become leader of the Labour Party, let alone the PM of Mauritius. If Shakeel Mohamed really wants to become the leader of the Labour Party or if he wants Boolell to be leader of the Labour Party, or Patrick Assirvaden to be leader of same and to bid for the post of PM, he should start opening a debate about changing the constitution of Mauritius in a positive way. As it is now, this will sooner or later creates a very explosive situation, which God forbid, will be averted.
Notwithstanding what everybody such as Ganoo, Soreefan and Ramano say, Bérenger has shown great maturity and patience. Therefore Shakeel Mohamed, Arvin Boolell and others should follow his example. They should persevere. They should not desert the party and become adversary overnight like some members of the MMM have done recently.
 Shakeel Mohamed, Arvin Boolell and Mauritians with foresight should continue the works  started by Bérenger about the change in our constitution such as a dose of proportional representation just as SAJ agreed to implement in Rodrigues, following the report of the late Judge Robert Ahnee. Who is going to set the ball rolling instead of wasting our time in wishful thinking or in misdirecting our criticism?