Africa United!

There is a saying that when somebody goes to the USA for a long term, they are going there to live the “American Dream”.  My Fellowship in the USA has given me the unique opportunity to see what these dreams are. Through my classes, my interaction with the culture, my conversations with American leaders and visionaries, as well as living with amazing young African leaders, I had the chance to appreciate what are the end results of allowing dreams to become a reality, particularly when every man and woman work collaboratively to achieve this. My job in Mauritius consists of working with non-profits, making them better and more efficient in the work they carry for their beneficiaries, whether in the field of disability, environment, fight against poverty, amongst others. On a personal level, I have developed a stronger and deeper insight when looking at social issues, and connecting this with the resources and network I have established through the Fellowship, I feel a much stronger confidence and resilience in the work I am carrying, particularly in reaching end results which will continue changing the society positively. I also developed a hunger to see the development of our mother continent, Africa.  I am currently in the process of formulating actions in Africa, with Mauritius as the launching hub.  These ideas will involve the civil societies, governments, businesses, as well as benefactors from established countries.  Where these visions will lead to?  Time will tell us.


The American Dream may have come true for some, but remains a dangerous delusion for countless. Trying to import it isn't going to do anyone any good. If United Africa has a dream, it must well up from its psyche, and not imposed upon it by those who have already made life an American Nightmare in many parts of the world. Just consider what has happened to democracy wherever the US have tried to impose it. Unprecedented chaos.

Have you learned from American leaders in particular,why it is that they have some 50 million US citizens living below or just above poverty line?

People who are fed through the services of soup-kitchens from birth to death!

Sme even sleep on trees!
Has your stay in the US provided with ideas and solutions for these wretched US citizens,trapped in spiral of abject poverty?

Why did their ecomony collapsed and on that subject why will take them some 70 years before they reach the pre -20078standard of living?

What is the situation with regards to the lifestyle of the owners of thetwo American continents,the Native Indians?

Why does the USA owes Chins nearly 3 trillion US dollars?

What about the level of crine ranging from drug peddling to outright murder?

Were you at any time made aware of these stark facts about America during your stay in that country?