Apollo (not the much-loved instant noodles but the epitome of the Greek God of Healing and Medicine) in Mauritius has developed a reputation despite itself over the years.  It is not only widely recognised as one of the best medical facilities but a safety haven for the rich who are hounded by the snooping forces of justice.  Understandably, when someone is arrested or simply convened by the police, it can be highly stressful and daunting. This wrecks the whole system into chaos, the mind is catapulted into panic mode and the poor heart can be too weak to cope with public opinion and the media, trying to know more of the fallen hero/heroine.  The best way to get away from it all? Ah…Apollo to the rescue!
With a luxury-style concept guaranteeing total privacy, one can finally blot out the glares of the intruding cameras and relax on some crisp sheets, while planning the next moves to get out of the rut.
So, next time when you are round the bend, just call out ‘Ah…Apollo!’ But make sure you have some extra cash to spare!


Can someone kindly tell me how Sir Harry Tirvengadum is doing ? People who have money makes a mockery of our justice system !!! and they gey away with it......

There's always the possibility that you may need to do a stopover at lopital Jeetoo ,on the way to Apollo hospital!

Unless the 'accused' decides to get away from it all and opts to settle on the moon, instead.

An option that will require the 'accused' to stop over somewhere in Beau Bassin!

Am sure if ever soonack return home.....she will admitted to Apollo as soon as she lands....her lawyer will say,
....she cannot cope due to a big stress....bet it....