Aiming high, changing gear

We have the best ideas
extracted from many minds’ ores.

They are our base metals,
our precious stones,
our untapped treasures
which we must transmute
without rest,
to forge into finished elements
and turn into sought-after wares.

We will make our headway
into this wide world
that sets great store
by the tangibles, the artefacts
of human creation, and more,
we will have song, dance, music
and all our artistries
to embellish, make chic
and grace all the stalls
where the fruits of our efforts
will be laid out.

We will keep gathering more
of the basic materials
from thoughts’ seams
to feed into the smelting furnace.

We need to change one entity
into another, iteratively,
till the desired end state is reached
and the ultimate object is in sight,
value added all the way.

The earth at her birth
was naturally bare and raw,
yet she bore all the wealth
from which we have fashioned
all the comforts we have
even more than we deserve,
for we not been the stewards
that we should have been.

Still, the train of progress
must remain on track
and we can only hope, for long.

When we hit the impasses,
the mindsets that got us there
have to be reconfigured,
a better route to find.