BARCELONA : The world is a place where people meet

Imagine yourself in a faraway city basking under the splendid summer sunshine with plenty of livelihood around.  As a traveller, you will feel cheerful with the surroundings when the sparkling yellow and black taxicab drops you in front of your hotel ready to welcome you.  And you gladly make your way to your resting lodge after hours of endless and tedious air travel.
You are now in a hotel but, against all odds, your stay is cancelled due to an error in booking. The whole world seems to tumble over you and you are in the middle of nowhere. No immediate Internet connection, worse no telephone connection in a place where people speak a different language.  Is this an English speaking world that people boast from all corners of life?
Taking my suitcase outside, in a disturbed humour, I looked totally lost and found myself nowhere to go.  
‘Let me look for another hotel,’ I thought, ‘but who’s going to help me?’
So, I walked with a bulky suitcase and a weighty handbag in the streets looking for a taxi driver to help me spot a hotel.  I met a Bangladeshi driver at a taxi stand.
‘Could you find me a cheap hotel nearby?’ I asked.
‘There are many hotels around. Just find one,’ the cab driver responded smilingly.
As I hovered around, I spotted a hotel but the price was thrice per day compared to what I booked for earlier.
‘Hmm, couldn’t there be something cheaper?’
So far, time was running out but the pleasant afternoon still kept clouds away and offered a balmy daylight enough to help me keep up a glimmer of hope.
I just strolled in tiny streets and I saw some Indians around.  I looked at them and they reciprocated.  
‘You are from where!’ a gentleman with a traditional Desi look in a thick moustache greeted me.
‘Mauritius,’ I responded placidly.
‘Speak Hindi’.
‘Hindi ata hai,’ I responded. ‘I can speak Hindi.  Could you be of help?’
The gentleman advised me a hostel nearby.  I thanked him and moved around according to his instructions.  The hostel’s entrance was locked with thick chains and nobody responded while I shouted.
‘Bof...Is it what I’m looking around here? Is this the worst trip of my life?’
I kept walking with greater displeasure with people sometimes indifferent to me, sometimes staring funnily at the lonesome traveller looking for solace.
While walking, I peered into an electronics shop and I saw another Indian.  
‘Sir, I want a hotel for stay.  I’m just wandering here.  You see how miserable I’m looking. Could you assist me?’
‘Sit down, man.  Tell me where you come from.  Are you Indian or Pakistani?’ he uttered while offering me a glass of water.
‘From Mauritius, what difference does it make to be Indian or Pakistani? We live together there,’ I replied.
‘Cool down. Want another glass! Please do not hesitate,’ responded the middle-aged man looking so willing to help me. By the way, could I ever speak Catalonian?
‘Call for Noor,’ he asked his assistant.
‘Noor, I can’t find him now,’ the assistant replied.
This time, he urged him to connect to Noor.  His determination was all too legendary.
I just waited.  In fifteen minutes’ time, a bald man in a plain shirt and shorts welcomed me.
‘This man has been moving around looking for a place to stay.  His tribulation looks veridical. See what you can do for him.  I guess you have a room to offer.’
‘Yes, Patel,’ he replied in Hindustani.  ‘Let’s go and I’ll show you my rest house.  It’s cheap and if you agree the deal is made.’
All of a sudden, the sudden mishap churned out into hope and recovery.
‘Forget the money lost, a possibility opens to me,’ I said.
It’s then that I considered myself secure and capable of ending my first day in Catalonia. I’m now in the capital city, a warm and welcoming metropolis, a place with an ambient lifestyle, a reason to be happy.  Over the next days, I would learn that the world is a place where people meet. It could be Spanish, French, Indians, migrants, and so on moving around the city that opens up to the world, to people, to humanity in the search for a bit of luck and good fortune.  Just be patient and keep walking.  Welcome to Barcelona.