A case for SACIM (Australia)

I have been a committee member of SACIM (Australia) for over 25 years. During this time I have often been told that Mauritius is progressing rapidly and very soon will not need our help in that field.
The visit of Josian Sebastian from Mauritius, a father who accompanied his daughter of 10 years old to look for medical treatment in Australia, told me that many facilities for children suffering from certain diseases are not available in Mauritius, and that is the reason he is in Australia.
His daughter was diagnosed with 'Cerebral Palsy' at birth and later on could not walk. During 10 years, he has looked for help in the medical profession in Mauritius with no success. He eventually enquired for medical help abroad. Finally he met with one of my relatives in Mauritius, who told him that Australia was well advanced in this field. With the help of his uncle in Australia, he made arrangements with the Royal Children Hospital, in Melbourne, to see a specialist in this field.
Two years ago he came to Australia with an appointment to meet Dr. Paulo Selber, an orthopedic surgeon, at the Royal Children Hospital, in Melbourne. The surgeon advised surgery for Lisa, the daughter of Josian. Since Josian didn't have the financial means to go ahead with the treatment, he approached the SACIM Organisation in Australia. SACIM (Australia) agreed to pay for the treatment, and the operation was a success. This year, Liza and her parents are back in Australia after two years, for further treatments, and this time again with the help of SACIM (Australia). More work was done by Dr. Paulo Selber to improve the lifestyle of Liza.
This case is proof that Mauritius still does not have all the facilities and the expertise in certain fields of diseases, and need the help of specialists from abroad. Australia, and in particular (SACIM) Australia, is ready to come to the help, both in matter of expertise and financially. Unfortunately, we are unable to make contact with parents and children of Mauritius, and especially of Rodrigues, who are in great need of help for medical facilities, not available in Mauritius.
I suggest that the High Commissioner of Mauritius and the Consul in Australia, should be able to let the Government of Mauritius and the people, aware that these facilities and the financial help are available in Australia, and that they should take advantage of these. A recent case, where a Specialist, who has a very busy schedule in Australia wanted to go to Mauritius, to share his expertise, was unable to do so because of lengthy procedures involved in letting the Specialist know at what particular time to make the visit. There were also no proper arrangements for the visit.
I wish that the High Commissioner of Mauritius and the Consul would make some necessary arrangements in the future to facilitate the visit of these Specialists from Australia to visit Mauritius and share their expertise.


Thank you Mr Herry. May I ask what happened to SACIM (Mauritius)? I guess it may not be operational anymore , hence the breakdown in communication. SACIM ( Mauritius ) used to be very active in helping children for a long time indeed. There will always be a need to help those few children who need competencies not available locally.