CONGRÈS DU PTR : Message du PMSD à Navin Ramgoolam

A l’occasion de congrès du Parti travailliste, Cader Hossenally a, au nom du PMSD, adressé une lettre au Premier ministre et leader du Ptr Navin Ramgoolam. Nous publions la lettre ci-dessous.

My Dear Navin,
Please accept my warmest greetings on the eve of the 71st Annual Labour Conference Party, and many congratulations on your 23rd year as leader of the Labour Party. You still possess the essence of youthfulness and I am sure the Labour party will have many more years to come under your leadership. However, when I look back to when you first arrived on the political arena in 1990, you walked into a national event where the country was victim of semi-dictatorial ideology with many ethnic communities victimized by the then Prime Minister. Indeed, my own party and my own beloved leader, the late Sir Gaetan Duval was victim of Jugnauth’s cupidity and subsequently thrown into prison ; a trade unionist known as “Algoo” handcuffed to a hospital bed for defending the work force of the nation and during the same reign, top newspaper editors were contemptuously treated as “Lichien lagalle”. Furthermore, I still remember prior to your arrival, in 1985, how the same Prime Minister that your party helped bring to power in 1983 branded your party as “Poubelle-de-l’histoire”. Then in 1987 your party supported the then Prime Minister for the sake of national unity.
When you left Prestigious Health Institution in London and returned back to your native Mauritius, you appeared as a savior to your nation. At that time, part of the press was a strong ally of the then government and portrayed you as a playboy doing nothing more than making a token gesture at politics. However, they neglected the fact that Ramgoolam blood runs through your veins.
Since your arrival in politics, you instilled courage in the youth to rise up and join the democratic process and close an era of dictatorial thought that had plagued Mauritius throughout the 80s and 90s. As soon as you became Prime Minister in December 1995, the Mauritian nation woke up and enjoyed one the best Christmas in living memory with a new political vision in place. During that time there was a New World Order out and the world was a changing place – the Non-Align movement was diminishing and the African Union was at its weakest point, it was a time to swim amongst sharks.
In 1997, you was let down by your then ally in government and you had to manage government affairs single handedly with the sudden departure of Bérenger.
The test of character happened with the By election of Flacq when Satish Faugoo was elected. This was the beginning of the partnership between Xavier Luc Duval and yourself. Then arrived the darkest hour of your career with the death of Kaya in 1999 and the subsequent aftermath. Joselyn Minerve resigned, fighting on the streets, nation frightened, communities divided, buildings burning and weddings and any public events all cancelled. The nation was frozen and had lost its free spirit and many politicians prayed for your subsequent downfall, however, Xavier Luc Duval came to your needs and stood shoulder to shoulder with you and faced the situation. We recovered and lead our nation into an era of growth and formed the historic equal opportunity bill together. Since then, we have served our duties to support you without any regrets and will continue to do so for the prosperity of our nation and its future generations.
Please accept the PMSD congratulations and regards for your leadership, and we wish you a very successful Labour party congress.

Cader Hossenally C.S.K


To those who read Cader's one-sided praise of Navin and his incomplete rememberance of the "beginning of the partnership between XLD and NCR" when Satish Faugoo was elected at the Flacq & Bon Accueil bi-election in 1997", it is also worth remembering that Navin refused to and never did acknowledge the support of the PMSD in this election. And this in spite of the fact that he knew full well that Gaetan had just died and that it was vital for him to lend a strong shoulder to the PMSD by associating it somehow with this election in order to ensure its survival. Especially as XLD had just been brought back into active politics by Jean-Michel de Senneville who broke the PMSD in two in his outrage that Hervé Duval had decided at the last minute to back the MMM at the same bi-election. At the time, Navin had decided to simply ignore the PMSD and XLD forgot that his first duty was to protect the PMSD's dignity. Instead, he accepted to be Navin's "doormat". What has changed since 1997? Unfortunately the PMSD is clinically DEAD and its electorate is desperately looking for a new saviour. Cader thinks Navin is THE man! Well done and good luck, Cader!

Ramgoolam went into hiding for at least 3 days.IT WAS SAJ who saved the day.In 1995 Ramgoolam was neglecting his duties...LI TI P DORMI LOR DOSSIERS!It was Berenger who saved the day by updating the said dossiers,much to the dislike of Ramgoolam and cronies!Hence yhe break up of the 1997 government.Childish Ramgoolam zalou Berenger;s popularity!In 2000 Ramgoolam got a shock when the people booted him out of government,much to his dislike of course!He even climbed over the roofs to claim that the elections were fraudulent and that he would campaign against the newly elected government internationally!How could it be that that the electorate have dared kick a Prince out from his throne?The PMSD was against Mauritius obtaining its independence,thus weakening Mauritius stance at the Lancaster House pre-independence talks in 1964!The Chagossians paid the price!For the last seven years plus the PMSD has been an accomplice of PTR by presiding over a series of corrupt scandals and the saga still goes on today in 2013.The PMSD's message to PTR ,C N BANNE PALAB as XLD himself will put it!

Who wrote this article for you. Sir. I don't think your English is as good as this

Flattery will get you nowhere.
As regards your prose in the language of Shakespeare,the phraseology is the Mauritian version of those who want to climb the greasy pole of politics and do not realise that the exercise is futile.

"The test of character happened with the By election of Flacq when Satish Faugoo was elected." Ki ou pe zaza ? Kouvertir Tempo la em la nou pa fin ganye zame ! Anfin... Mo gayn en panse spesial pou dokter Cure, Emmanuel Anquetil ek ankor de-trwa lot gran dimoun ki ti bien sinser. Banla dwat pe vire dan zot tom letan zot gete dan ki kalite basess zot konba fin tonbe aster la.

Exacte Cader pe tombe dans lipied Navin pou pas mette PMSD dehors, car li conner qui Guimbeau pe cachiette derrier la porte navin. Quel honte et egoiste de jouer avec la population. C'est flagrant qui Cader couma un ti toutou la queue coupé et pé rode boute avec navin

By the way Cader, could you not add: "Navin, pas b.. nous coup de pied dans f...., please." Your letter would be complete.