DEBATE : “GANJA” and OTHER DRUGS Time to learn from the World

- Jamaica which has adopted policies like Mauritius in the past will soon radically change its policies/laws on “Ganja”…

Once America has embarked on any enterprise the whole World follows blindly without analysing the facts and measuring the consequences whether intended or not.... Same for the issue of drugs.
In 1971 President Nixon declared war (World!) on drugs. The World followed...Conventions, Laws, Regulations, Budgets, Treaties between countries and so many other legal instruments have been voted and are voted to try to win a war which does more harm than save the World.
What have been the effects of that deleterious war?
1)    Massive increase in the prison population around the World so much so that the percentage of drug-related cases accounts for more than an average of 50% of same. In Mauritius it is around 70%.
2)    Profits of a magnitude that defy imagination thus giving the mafia a lot of leverage whether after laundering or not to finance political parties and or all democratic institutions in nearly all democratic countries. And hijacking dictatorships and weak States to transform them into narcotic States.
3)    Weakening the rule of law, Courts are “coerced” into being ruthless and flexible thus eroding unwittingly the credibility of Courts. Under the veil of the law more weight is given to the World of Police Informers, Police Officers and other who have an axe to grind. Allegations are treated like words from the tablets of the other World.
4)    Any person arrested for any drug-related case is tarnished for life even though he/she is cleared by court of law afterwards.
5)    The whole system becomes corrupt.
6)    Lives of families/youngsters are decimated forever.
I can go on....
Must we continue with the World War on Drugs?
My answer is no. A big No! The main victor of the war on drugs is the mafia. And that’s why the World is taking a new critical look to the World “War on Drugs”.
Even in America there is a transformation of the state of minds of Political Leaders.
The transformation will start from the most popularly used drugs “Ganja”. Several States of USA are challenging the federal laws. New York State will soon allow possession for medical use. California is selling “Ganja” in all its forms and in nice packets that will soon conquer the US market and then the World.
When America “legalise” the World will follow... Must we wait? Must we learn from our mistakes? And in Mauritius do we have the humility to learn from the experiences of others?
Example: Jamaica
Jamaica which has adopted policies like Mauritius in the past will soon radically change its policies/laws on “Ganja”.
What are basically these changes?
1)    Possession of less than 87 Grams (less than 10 grams of “Ganja” and you will be prosecuted for a drug trafficking offence) of “Ganja” will no longer be an offence punishable by law.
2)    Possession of “Ganja” for religious activities will be legalised.
3)    Those who have a criminal record for “Ganja” (less than 87 grams) will be cleared and will have no criminal record.
Is it time to learn? Or is it time to play cheap Politics?
Time will tell.


Summary Either copy USA or Jamaica.
So pathetic are tge views expressed.