“Design and Technology for girls, in Mauritius”

It is acknowledged that the world has now been transformed into a global village. It is important to resort to different technologies for emerging nations, like Mauritius, to survive and compete. Design and Technology, in our secondary curriculum, equips our youngsters with the necessary tools, so that they make sense in this changing world and integrate the society as responsible citizens. Design and Technology is an area which allows students to apply knowledge, skills, experiences and resources to design and develop technological solutions for the needs of individuals, societies and environments. Studying Design and Technology enables students to develop creative, reflective and innovative thinking, as they select materials, systems and processes to devise solutions to improve quality of life.
However, since the implementation of Design and Technology, previously Geometrical and Mechanical Drawings (GMD), in Mauritius, in the 1990s, it has only been reserved for boys in the majority of schools in our educational system. Why this has been so? Why has our educational system not catered for girls in Design and Technology? It is high time to eradicate these gender bias thoughts that girls
cannot opt for Design and Technology because of workshop “challenges”; such as sawdust, high speed moving blades, heat, open flames, electricity and physical competencies and abilities required to manipulate tools and equipment.
If, due to these factors that the system has deprived the female gender from Design and Technology as a subject, then it is a pity that it has underestimated the mental and physical abilities of our young Mauritian girls. Design and Technology is suited for all girls having an interest in becoming future engineers, architects, product designers, graphics designers and many other career prospects. It is a fundamental right to allow our girls to choose Design and Technology as a subject if they want a career in this field. It won’t be ethical if we prevent a girl from becoming an engineer, architects, product designers or graphics designer. Everyone should be given the same chance.
 With the high dose of motivation, dedication and hardworking nature, girls are excelling in many fields. Statistics prove that girls are doing an excellent job in Design and Technology in countries where they have been given a chance. So, it is high time to implement Design and Technology in all female secondary schools and give each and every Mauritian student the same opportunity and allow them to expand according to their wish and will.
Similarly, why not Food and Nutrition and Fashion and Fabrics for boys at secondary level ?