Education, Education, Education

Education. A heartfelt socialist worldwide ambition to get us commoners out of the gutter of poverty.
was a teenager when the Mauritius Labour Party in 1976, in spite of this being called an electoral gimmick, had the guts in very tough political times to implement free education up to tertiary level eventually. I witnessed and shared similar joy when New Labour, under Tony Blair, got rid of 18 years of Conservatism in the UK .' Education, Education, Education.' Yet I am also very aware of socialist Cuba where medical graduates are easier to find than a healthy meal!
I am worried. I am very worried as regards TERTIARY education in Mauritius today. We are at risk of turning into a Cuba type model. Not Singapore.
The well to do will always go abroad to study, be it medecine, law etc. The rest genuinely trust the local pathway of bettering their lot. And they are being misled to my mind. An example is the new medical world in the UK. Since 2013 a medical practitioner who is not clinically VALIDATED is unfit to practice. How many Honourable Ministers, my friend Lormus included, realise this fact? Even Navin cannot do a locum in Bingley nowadays, should he wish!
And do parents appreciate the choice of a child today studying medecine in the UK? A life long exile from home and a prayer daily for a good career path leading to success and early retirement. Else, unlike me and most, pray for a very rich background.
In Mauritius I am extremely grateful our PM has realised the probable graduate ghetto heading our way. Graduates with a piece of paper? useless outside Mauritius.
In medecine only Chinese post graduates till Kabul opens the door! This is the reality we are facing to my mind. Wonder why I worry? Therefore we should pray the British team's audit is honest for the sake of the very social fabric of this nation.
I end by sharing a special thought with parents.I have spent a life time in medecine and what I witnessed in Gandhi Hall, Palma as regards the 160 odd 'aspirant doctors' made me soul search.Those parents and kids only wish to better themselves.
Is Education in this island the way? I wish never to doubt it and I trust The Honourable Prime Minister to make history as regards EDUCATION. It is never too late.