ENSAM withdraws from active politics for the time being…

… and continues to act as an observer and to participate in national debates

After the elections of Dec 2014, the Ensam core team has met regularly to discuss the way forward. We more than understand that political movements take their rightful time to gather momentum and we did not expect miracles in the first six months of existence. Last year we invested of ourselves into campaign and the elections because we thought that there was a gap in the system.

But having observed the denouements of the past 6 months and seen the population’s reactions to certain events and lack of reaction at other times, it is increasingly clear that those who want to see progressive politics in action in Mauritius are a small minority. For example, the population rejoices at the clean up in relation to the ancient regime’s mixing of politics and religion, as we should. But we accept the current mixing of politics and religion in a current Senior Minister’s office? We were pleased that people who traditionally and blindly voted labour, chose not to do so and very wisely. But today some of these very lobbies are back to backing NCR, despite everything we now know and everything else that we suspect about him, because of his (right) caste? This begs the question to ENSAM, who are we as a population? What do we believe in? What kind of present and future do we want for ourselves and our children?

The wider population wants a status quo whereby one block replaces another from time to time just as long as the system continues to feed the rampant opportunistic culture. We are very far from the democratic scenario by which people vote for a party on the basis of the national vision and programme that they are proposing. The current coalition was voted in to oust the previous one, not for a set of values or a programme. However frustrating it is to admit this, the truth is it will take a fair while before our population understands that there are wider gains for all in a system that functions on the basis of meritocracy rather than opportunism. In the meantime Mauritius will continue to get the Government it deserves. Those who ‘gagn zot bout’ will be kept happy, those who don’t will ‘vire, devire, revire, savire’.

2014 was a deeply enriching year for the core team and allowed us to connect with deep Mauritius. But what we had to offer does not match what the population wants at this moment in time. ENSAM withdraws from active politics for the time being and continues to act as an observer and to participate in national debates. Should circumstances, in the future, become conducive to our ideas or should we find a larger gathering of similarly minded and progressive people, we will be happy to ‘amenn nou blok’.

In the meantime, we will need to close the Foundation attached to the party. We have used up the donations at the last elections. We thank all those who made financial and other contributions to Ensam. Could those who want to see how monies were spent during campaign please send an email to  HYPERLINK "mailto:secgen.ensam@gmail.com" sec.ensam@gmail.com? We will be happy to send you financial details when we close accounts end of June.

To everyone who helped us along, a huge thank you. Some of you spent many sleepless nights preparing documents, databases, the ENSAM programme. Our heartfelt gratitude to you all. There remains for us a deep sense of satisfaction about having invested into a thorough integrated programme for Mauritius that is often cited as a reference and about having set up, for the first time in Mauritius, a transparent and accountable funding system. While we can expect more political musical chair across parties and coalitions of varying levels of corruption, a game which fulfils the wishes of the population, progressive actions such as ENSAM’s and others nonetheless leave a little trace in the political ecosystem


It would appear that Roshni's noble endeavour ENSAM was but yet another ONE DAY FISHING EXPEDITION that has gone terribly wrong. There were no Requins or la Baleine in sight but Gaetan managed to grab a tiny sardine.

This reminds me of a Cantonna saying : If seagulls follow a ship, this is because they believe sardines will be thrown into the sea" !

My dear Roshni, go back to the drawing table , go back to basic. Start with the Chinese proverb.

If you plan is for a quick " boute" , then fishing will fit your 1-day plan.

If you wanted a bigger "boute" ( Here I don't mean of Soornack magnitude), then you should have planted an olive tree. A 10 year venture.

However as the Chinese goes, Politics ( the art of persuading people) is a 100 year project.

But thanks for trying. At least your exit was faster than your entry!

ENSAM seems to suggest that' playing the ostrich' is its new mantra!

What has really been the problem for ENSAM is that from the very outset of its setting up,it has trapped itself into a corner.

ENSAM has since, not been able to breath properly and even taken the first step to taste life outside of its organisational parameters.

ENSAM has stagnated.

And yet its founder leader has truly identified some of the ills that do affect the lives of the citizens of the Republic, with in particular, the youth in mind!

ENSAM has failed abysmally though to make the vital distinction between new ideas and youth.

ENSAM has concluded and convinced itself that new ideas are necessarily the sole domain of the youth.

Very disappointing and cynical arguments coming from a party that was supposed to work with the people and for the people.
No mea culpa, no positive message.
If you cared about the people, you would not stop after 6 months.
What about the thousands of people who voted for you? Should they now think you were only interested in coming to power?
All successful political parties started small, close to the people, but people gradually trusted them because they showed that they cared through actions, not just words.

It seems we will have to wait for another movement to emerge, what a waste.

Why worry? Gaetan Siew saves face. Surely progressive policies will be heralded. Job done!