EXCRUCIATINGLY LOUD MOTORCYCLES: The sleepless nights of inhabitants of Plaine Verte

We have long been the forgotten people of the authorities. From drug dealers trading their merchandise meters away from the Plaine Verte Police Station to deafeningly loud motorcycles spending days and nights riding in front of the same Police Station, we have been bearing with all the issues however we could till now. However, we have now reached a stage where bearing with these illegally loud motorcycles is beyond what is humanly possible, and we are writing this letter hoping that the authorities will take prompt action against these bike owners who disturb the peace of the inhabitants of Plaine Verte.
We have called several local departments and even spoke with the owners of the loud motorbikes, in vain. Instead of the situation improving, it is worsening day by day making it almost impossible for anyone along the major roads to sleep peacefully before 2-3am every morning, when the bikers have stopped racing our streets and have gone home. The garages performing these illegal tuning are also well known in the area but it appears, just as the drug dealers, everyone knows who they are except for the Police.
Our plea to the authorities - Please fine the bikers who have these excruciatingly loud motorcycles. They are extremely disturbing for everyone, especially the children and elderly. We have to forego our peace of mind, our sleep, we can't hear each other talking nor the TV playing when they race around, which is almost always. The Government needs funds (so much debt to pay back!). Instead of raising petrol prices, they could fill in the coffers (and their coffers!) by fining these illegal motorbikes while bringing peace to the population.
Authorities keep telling us the owners of these motorbikes do not pay heed to warnings. So just fine them! Fine them everyday until they realise that it's cheaper to be a legally abiding citizen. If further help and information from us is required, here we go - Just have Police Officers stand during the day and until late evening on Magon Str, Edgar Laurent Str, Ail Doré Str, Pagoda Str among others. During a 15 minute-time interval, I counted more than 10 such bikers so this would amount to at least Rs 100,000 funds in the Government coffers within 15 minutes! Lucrative business indeed. Having Police Officers dressed as civilians would be ideal and a better deterrent, as the bikers will not be able to identify them.
We have given the authorities the solutions to deal with the matter, the time and place...and even the business case! We sincerely hope our plea is seriously taken into account and needful done promptly. Life is becoming unlivable here.