Front Solidarité Mauricien : unfair play of the MBC-TV ?

For quite some time now we have noticed that the MBC-TV is not doing its job on a fair play basis. This compels us to think that there may be a deliberate attempt to marginalize our political party namely the Front Solidarité Mauricien (FSM) in most of its press conferences that the MBC-TV has broadcast so far
Is this a sort of discrimination or a miscalculation on the part of the program organizer not to give equal opportunity and time sequence to the FSM political party compared with other political parties which seem to get the lion’s share regarding the broadcast time of their press conferences on the MBC-TV these days.
The FSM party which held a press conference on Friday at 10.00 am on 1st July, 2011 at the Town Hall of the Municipality of Port-Louis was not given its due share of an adequate time of the broadcasting of its press conference on Friday evening (1st July) in the News Bulletin of 7.30 pm at the MBC-TV. Furthermore, on the 8th of July, another press conference held at Rabita Hall, in Port-Louis, got the same treatment.
It is shocking to watch and note that the MBC-TV broadcast that press conference for a few seconds showing its leader and a member talking without sound just like watching a silent film.
This sort of attitude on the part of the MBC-TV is very unfair for the way its program organizer and its administration have treated such a political party – no matter how small it is, yet it managed to get one of its members elected in the last general elections and a representative of the people of Mauritius in the National Assembly. Let’s the nation viewers draw their conclusion !
In fact, that is not all, Cehl Meea, a properly elected MP, has not been shown on the MBC-TV whenever he tabled a motion or is involved in a parliamentary debate on matters of public interest at the National Assembly. May we ask why the MBC-TV keeps avoiding its camera on the leader of the FSM in the National Assembly ?
And yet the Prime minister keeps talking about Equal Opportunities for all of us ! What a joke ? They are only cosmetic words instead of action. By the way the Equal Opportunities Act has not even seen the light of day as it is kept in the drawer.
Why a certain president of a socio-cultural organization, Somduth Dulthumun – who is not a Member of Parliament – is given adequate broadcast time on MBC-TV (about 2 minutes as we timed it) during most of his press conferences broadcast on the MBC-TV ? The MBC-TV should get its priority right in matters of public interest.
Let’s hope that the administration of the MBC-TV takes good note of this article as we are not preaching in the wilderness. Social Justice is involved in this serious matter. Everyone should be treated equally in this country.