Getting back from the brink

The Lepep Government, in the present scenario of fast-losing popularity in most areas, and hitting a plateau in some, while falling into complete inertia in quite a few others, has vexed the entire nation in a short span of time as never before. New sensational chapters have been opening in rapid succession even as the population has been waiting for closures of old ones. Yet, during the pre-election campaign, they worked the crowd like preachers pursuing souls, culminating in the dizzying heights of December, 2014, proving, in the same breath, that effective strategies and good governance do not automatically fit like hand and glove. 

Since Independence, however, Mauritius has been well-schooled in a wide assortment of political upheavals triggered primarily by the now all-too-familiar on-again off-again cobweb-patterned political marriages. Most often, such alliances have been contracted treacherously, reluctantly, hastily, where the heart has been conspicuous by its absence. Thus, political parties which have traditionally been harbouring a natural antipathy, and spitting venom at one another as of instinct, suddenly become intimate bed-fellows after they muffle their profound differences, maintain a façade of amity, cobble up a quick alliance and smile stiffly for the camera --- in a move to save their beloved Country, mouthed in a tone replete with emotion. 

If hypocrisy involves claims to a consistency one cannot sustain, or claims to a loyalty one doesn’t possess, or, again, claims to an identity one doesn’t hold, then all of our four major political parties invariably qualify as hypocrites. Most behaviour being habitual, their chains of bad habits are usually too light to be felt by them until they become too heavy to be broken.

It is no surprise, then, that most of our politicians are viewed as speaking from both sides of their mouths, and are perfectly capable of placing their one affectionate hand on our shoulder and the other in our pocket with equal ease.

Today’s political scenario warrants that the MSM overcome denial, reject bubble thinking and reckon with reality: the present political quandary is likely to fog its brain and is not liable to be fully solved within the confines of conventional political logic:
to what extent can the MSM afford not to be seduced by the siren call of the Prosecution Bill?
how far can it allow the present political stream to continue its normal flow until the next polls?
will it be able to successfully contain its internal rifts in the event exaggerated importance is showered on featherweights like the one presently in a ‘reflection mode’, and whose name the entire population has difficulty associating with our Legislative Assembly – after two years of enjoying all benefits accruing to an MLA?
what about those within its own ranks to whom a tantalizing ministerial berth has long been dangled?
will the MSM successfully navigate between the often-viewed unbridled demands of its partner and the three oldest parties which are ready to fire from all cylinders?
in the event a SAJ-less MSM of Pravind (with a hanging Damocles’ sword) allies itself to a demonetized MMM (with a leader often wrongly becoming everyone’s favorite worst enemy), what impact will such an alliance bear, keeping in mind the plugging of birthday cake still haunting many a mind?
what will ML’s reaction to such an alliance be in the light of ML rightly considering itself as the indispensable straw that stirs the drink?

So far, Mauritius has been engrossed in a familiar merry-go-round of mutual mud-slinging and blistering attacks, holding well-intentioned citizens’ attention by its very repulsiveness, forcing them to wince with disgust.
Neither the Government nor the Opposition has, so far, had the necessary time, inclination and skills to help run the affairs of the state properly because of confused priorities.
But then, do not our politicians find it easier and more rewarding, under a soft and gentle rain of confetti, to aptly and happily twist the sacredness of the truth through either purple or inflamed rhetoric, gesticulating in front of the mike and buttering the crowd to rapturous applause?