Getting our Priorities Right

49 years after the Independence of Mauritius, it seems that the economy is in shambles. Socio-economic problems such as unemployment, poverty, and homelessness are still prevailing at a high rate in the country while we are talking of Smart Cities, Metro express and multiple missions abroad resulting in almost next to nothing. Does Mauritius really need these projects when we are already so heavily indebted. Indebting the country further will perhaps benefit only ‘some people’, leaving large segments of youth of my generation with enormous debts on our shoulders. Is the government getting the country’s priorities right? There can be no renewal without ensuring and sustaining livelihoods for the citizens of the country. What about all the transport industry workers who would be losing their jobs?
As a young woman completing my University studies, I am very concerned about the UNEMPLOYMENT prevailing in the country. According to Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, “Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment”. Is this RIGHT being protected by the government? For how long will youngsters struggle to find a decent job and settle in their lives? Placing them in Youth Employment Programs for training is a sham. Working under contracts for a few months and ending up being unemployed again in the end. Looking for a job in an ‘unmeritocratic’ Mauritius has become a nightmare.
Increasing the retirement age to 65 also has implications for the youth. Is enough being done to see how this impacts on youth employment. Mine is not a voice of pessimism but rather calling the attention of the authorities to get their priorities right. We were promised jobs, water 24 /7, equal opportunities, safer roads, greater security etc. Are our dreams being shattered? We are the future of this country so please do not put an extra debt burden on our shoulders and shatter our dreams.