Happiness Program being launched on International Day of Happiness

20th March is International Day of Happiness as proclaimed by the United Nations in 2012.
In Mauritius, the ART OF LIVING FOUNDATION will be launching its Happiness Program at its centre tonight to mark International Day of Happiness with an Evening of Music and Celebrations. The evening will get underway from 19.00 hours tonight.
 What's the fuss all about ? Who on this planet would dispute that this is an important day for observance. UN resolution 65/309 puts it eloquently : the pursuit of happiness is a universal human goal.
The country behind this initiative is Bhutan whose citizens are considered to be amongst the happiest people on this planet. Back in 1970, the Himalayan Kingdom decided to measure, happiness, this most fundamental human aspiration in terms of an almost revolutionary index : the Gross National Happiness Index. Bhutan considered that GNH was a more holistic outlook on measuring the well being of citizens and communities. On 28th June 2012, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 65/309 to proclaim that 20th March is observed as International Day of Happiness.
This is the kind of serendipity that organisations like the Art of Living love because it complements decades of endeavour to spread, guess what, happiness. AOL's Happiness Program is a workshop which addresses the human need for happiness from a holistic perspective anchored in the ancient traditions of yoga ; meditation and spiritual knowledge practised over thousands of years. A tradition which does not cease to amaze millions in over 150 countries across the planet be they Hollywood or Bollywood stars ; the rural poor ; the urban middle class ; the young, the middle aged ; people suffering in areas of strife and conflict. In other words, all and sundry. So what is the Art of Living's definition of that seemingly elusive state called Happiness ?
A question often put to the AOL founder, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his interactions across the planet. “To be truly happy”, Sri Sri says, one has to be centered, not easily frazzled. To smile and be happy when everything is going our way is fine, but to smile when things are not going our way and for that smile to come from a contentment deep within is unshakeable happiness. Happiness is when you want nothing and you want to give. When the wanting and desires end, and the sharing begins, happiness is there.”