The hike in petroleum prices is most unwarranted

It seems that the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection did not do his homework properly on this major issue.  If the opposition proposes a motion of disallowance later on in parliament, it will surely make sense with the below given arguments.
Brent crude prices have been coming down worldwide and there is a glut of petroleum products in the world.
According to the BBC, prices are still around their lowest level since November, when the Opec oil producers’ group agreed to cut output.
With the extreme hot weather in Europe, petroleum imports by European countries will fall down automatically and there should be no pressure on prices soon with this argument.
Because of current glut of oil in the world and fluctuating prices, the recent hike of oil prices announced this week is most unwarranted.
In Reunion Island, petroleum prices came down on the 1st of August.
In the past Mauritius was buying its petroleum products from Indian oil. Has this government changed its buying strategy of petroleum products?
Why a hike now when prices are not going higher worldwide?
In February this important issue was approached in an amateur way and the government wants us to believe that the new prices will correct the miscalculation of February. The question people are asking - Is this some sort of cover-up?
The government will have to make adjustments in travelling costs paid to offices and inflation will surely come up.