How do we justify Paradise Mauritius?

The SC/HSC results and names of laureates have been proclaimed with great pomp. Since several years, according to Statistics Mauritius, the percentage of successful candidates have alarmingly rocketed skyhigh.
The primary duty is to channel the eligible and deserving prospective candidates along avenues of respective fields of employment taking into account the vulnerable groups hailing from poor and precarious backgrounds. This section of achievers venture out in quest of jobs to compensate for the huge investment in their academic careers by incurring loans which have to be reimbursed.
Does the Mauritian government take into consideration the tribulations of poor parents who unfortunately are lagging behind owing to unsuccessful attempts and endeavours to seek a job for their respective qualified sons/daughters? Who benefits from meritocracy? The mechanism of recruitment functions on the basis and criteria of political proximity, caste considerations, colour and creed most apparent in the selection of potential candidates for employment.
However, it is gratifying to note that in the press Minister Xavier Duval recently announced effective means and suggestions to alleviate the pains of the young jobless.He states " Nous voulons que Maurice se place parmi les pays qui ont pu trouver des solutions pour les jeunes qui n'ont pas d'emploi."
In fact, to justify this statement of Minister Xavier-Luc Duval, all barriers that impede the recruitment of deserving candidates need to be dismantled so as to ensure fairness, transparency and employability for the young.
Can we compare Mauritius with other advanced nations when it comes to equitable and fair recruitments? Usually in advanced countries, canvassers, agents and political support are not recognized and almost lacking because meritocracy is the rule of the law and way of life.
How can a poor parent fulfill the job request of his son or daughter holding impeccable credentials when favouritism, bribery, political influence intervene in the recruitment of undeserving candidates in most developing countries.
Minister Duval pointed out that presently 2,200 diploma holders are jobless. Who will be the lucky ones to get a decent job is really a very controversial issue. History repeats itself since time immemorial and the victims of unemployment almost end up in juvenile deliquency, drug abuses and thefts all plaguing our society. This is the root cause of all evils devastating our small island.
It is high time that every eligible and successful candidate be streamlined into fruitful employment so that they do not fall prey to frustration, violence and robbery and thus a beautiful Mauritius Paradise will emerge and be worth living in by our young generation, the very pillar of our economy.
The government budget should be substantially increased to give priority consideration to all successful HSC, diploma and degree holders. In most Asian countries, it has been alleged that survival is NOT for the fittest. Our small island renowned with commendable candidates every year should be encouraged and motivated to get jobs. This inevitably requires the active participation of all Ministers in the government as a sacred duty to prioritize the qualified young citizens and to solve the problem of rising unemployment. It is highly imperative and urgent to tackle this critical issue in order to avoid topsy turvy situations with every passing year.
This fact is evidently reflected in the reality that laureates are subjected to "brain drain" because their aspirations, sacrifices and expectations seldom come true in Mauritius.
We must strive to strengthen and unify our young generation’s elites who will shape the bright future of our beloved motherland. All the previous mechanisms of recruitment should be reviewed or shelved in order to render justice. A healthy young educated generation is indeed a real boon for our beloved Mauritius and they are truly the glittering stars symbolizing our marvelous beloved Motherland-Mauritius.