Keep on the work started!

I work at the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius, the regulator for the non-banking financial services and global business. As Manager in the Policy Cluster, I conduct research and analysis for policy formulation and drive the introduction of new policies, standards and financial products. I was on the public management track at the Howard University in Washington DC. The programme consisted of both academic lectures as well as learning from governmental and non-governmental site visits. The programme primarily helped me to learn about policy formulation. Site visits to Congressional Research Division and think tanks such as the Brookings Institute have been insightful in the research aspect of policy making. I am using the knowledge acquired on policy formulation in the development and diversification of Mauritius as an international financial centre. The Mandela Washington Fellowship programme was also an opportunity to network with other young African leaders.  I now have a great network of African fellows as well as US contacts, who will help in new initiatives to advance African nations.