Mauritians, time to wake up.
What is happening in Mauritius concerns you?
It should!
The DPP saga is an abysmal example.
I declare a perceived conflict of interest,
he is fortunate to be married to my only sister!
Now we have cleared this detail, ask yourself
where is the spirit of due process?
You should be bothered.
Are you?
Let me share with you my thoughts on BULLIES.
They are characteristically WEAK.
It is shambolic to sit quietly and fear institutional
government BULLYING
I may shock you!
I personally have no qualms should the DPP
after DUE PROCESS be drawn and quartered.
We are in an era of a perception of ingrown corruption.
Some have selective memories!!
Yet, society requires a deep inward look at one.
We are where we are due to US!
Do you agree?
However, one cannot deny the feeling
 and increasing evidence of political BULLYING
A LA 'good governance'!
Heavy handed, arrogant, FOOLISH.
Such behaviour in time will allow many to rightly 
abuse of procedure and more so
abuse of HUMAN RIGHTS.
Would they be unfair?
I beg you to think this matter ABOVE
Just ponder my country folks.
What IF the DPP was you or me?
This is a reason all of US must wake up.
1982 destroyed the fabric of Establishment
2015 WILL destroy our HUMAN RIGHTS.
Are you going to allow it?


Knowing what the public so far know about the indiscrimate criminal activities that went under the 9 year tyrannic rule of Ramgoolam -

the PTr could not possibly be actively processing these criminal activities without feathering their own nest in the first instance -

Ptr used all possible cogs in the criminal mechanism to succeed in accumulating unlawful wealth and Ajit Boolell puls plus -was one of the pivotal figure

our interest is to promote coherent social foundation for progress and development - whatever it takes

your support and condoning wrong doers can only promote more wrong doing!

ene sel question missié dokter : cot sa ban gran, gran cozer la kan ex PM Navin ti faire ancien Commissaire Police Ramanjooloo en 2005 - sa ossi ene poste proteger par la constitution - lev paquet aller tranquilleman, la queue dan joint. Dan so cas pas ti ena aucaine soupcon de scandale couma case DPP aster la cot ene haut fonctionaire fine clouer li au pilori avec des damning evidence au CCID; non tout, simplement navin ti envie so prop CP, Ramparsad, ene nominer politique.
Alors venir azordi parler de "fear institutional government BULLYING"
PARTISAN POLITICS, HUMAN RIGHTS" etc, et autres balivernes, c un peu fort vous trouvez pas? N'est-ce pas de la malhonnete intellectuelle, de memoire selective que de venir aujourd'hui pousser sur tous les toits des cris de vierges sodomisées, de "KOULOU" qui aper rantre dans qui orifice...Mo croire ine ler faire en auto-psychanalyse, allons sur le divan, Anil...

The biggest user and abuser of human rights was PTr nine year ruling with a whip

ministers perfoming under duress - coercion - by the biggest psychopathic bully heading the party

imagine! slapping biometric card on the nation while he was the biggest criminal actively operating on the island!
CCID miss an opportunity of finding coffers full of uk/us/euro currencies at his abode today because he slip through the back door -but it will come - we have hope!

"Mauritian time to wake up"

Well..! do you think in your little mind that we are all truly sedated with largactil - neuroletic medication?

Get real sir - this is not pluto

These psychopathic behaviour in the PTr & associates must be dealt with urgently at any cost
we want our land and money back and this administration will make sure they honour what they are voted in for- nettoyage!

If i was the DPP i would ensure that i was worthy of the job by merit
meaning having a clean Kosher sheet to operate

clones - minions - "proche"are all despised characters

we'll make sure Ptr personnel are obsolete

"You should be bothered.
Are you?"

We are very bothered!

yes we are bothered that PTr was a crime syndicate mafia style using and abusing our precious democratic vote operating so smoothly for their unlawful wealth accumulation -

SAJ is doing well to wipe them out of the surface of the land

Despicable cretin related creature with an arrested development of the mind at birth -

I am furious at your incendiary article
do not attempt to incite social unrest indirectly?

The biggest abuse of Human right was Ramgoolam's PTr when he decided that every citizen is a criminal and that he needed to tag them with a biometric ID card that was comprehensively rejected thank God by SAJ team -

He was only projecting his own criminal demeanours onto the nation-

Further more he threatened to bring back capital punishment after the sad loss of life of "Michaela" what an inadequate personality?

NCR wanted to generate fear "Bully" in the innocent citizens mind then slap Biometric card onto us. what a grossly disjointed psychopath?
There is no cure for Psychopath
We can however, if there be "Bully" then it is in the PTr no less to modify their behaviour but not psychopath

PTr personnel are saint or are they?

"Bullying" "weak"

the Ptr personnal are disjointed - psychopathic - psychotic -

who wants to believe any of them?

The lion is long dead and the den is rattled

"where is the spirit of due process?
You should be bothered."

We are bothered at PTr psychopathically used and abused the nation and its resources.
Your "proche" are they?

Let's remind you of the financial activities or shall we?

Billions of uk/us/euro currencies siphoning during the past 9 years of Ptr administration

Your article if i may call it is grossly incendiary!

It is a faint attempt to provoke social unrest - be mindful of your comments against an active govt voted in democratically by the people.

the current authority should be made aware of your next move!

it was a clear message against the "Bully" "suspected criminal" figure heading the party NcR and associates.

Do you have a problem with the Mirroring concept?

Each and every one from the PTr administration have benefitted from unlawful activities that yet have to be processed by the court of law

Do you want to be reminded of PTr activities?

Get real from fantasy land!

Do you in your little mind believe SAJ team are bullies?o

Well...! what about the psychopatic figure heading the PTR for 9 years

You only see as far as your noses -

Your fear "2015 destroy human right" is grossly irrational - Neurotic to say the least

you need to consult a proper fully functioning psychiatrist and not many rogues psychiatrists floating all over the place having no clue of functioning of the brain.

I do have some colleagues and they wrote many books on the brain function you could be recommended to at yr request