Law & Order in constituency n°3…

Instead of mud slinging, which political alliance has what it takes to address the actual issues that Mauritius is facing?
Elections are less than a month away and the name-calling, mud slinging, electoral promises, communalism are reaching their peaks. But what about the day-to-day issues we face? Which party can show it genuinely cares for Mauritius and Mauritians? Other than the social and economic issues, we are also concerned by the rapidly deteriorating Law & Order over the past years.
December is approaching and the chaos in Port-Louis has replaced the beautiful flamboyant trees to indicate the festive season. Public parking, our pavements and roads are occupied by the ‘marchands ambulants’ who pay no income taxes, no municipal taxes, no patents, no parking fees, and they don’t even have penalties for not providing annual financial statements to MRA. This is illegal…Which political party has a plan to stop these illegal activities and fi nd a solution (which of course the hawkers won’t approve as they are having the time of their life at no cost) which suits all?
Will inhabitants of Plaine Verte be penalized again by not being able to get out of their houses even in case of health emergency, having their living spaces polluted with huge amounts of rubbish and unbearable noise? Or will law & order be respected to show that the tax paying and lawful citizens have their rights in Mauritius? Which Political Party can ensure that Law & Order will be respected under their reign? As votes are what matter, please do note that many of these hawkers don’t live in ‘circonscription numéro 3’… they rent houses during that time or stay in their tents over the 2 weeks with even their human waste being disposed of in public space. The inhabitants of ‘circonscription numéro 3’ are the voters and they will decide who can take care of them, and not the ‘marchands ambulants’. Why not relocate them to areas where they will not be extreme nuisance and dangerous to the surroundings, like to Champ de Mars?
Over the years, the Labour Party has proved incapable of handling the issues of taxi marrons, bus marrons, marchands ambulants, horribly noisy motorcycles, no respect for traffic laws, crimes, violence, rapes … which have, on the contrary, deteriorated more and fast. These are all that, us law-abiding Mauritians, have to deal with. Which political party can propose a program which will ensure that the rights of law-abiding and tax paying citizens will be respected under their reign?