The legacy you will carry as L’Alliance Lepep MPs will be pivotal

Dear L’Alliance Lepep MPs,
There’s one undeniable truth, you are in Power today because we chose to give you our voice. It was our choice; whether some of us were lured by the gifts, still it was our choice.
This is why you were put in power in 2014 - Priorities
We put you in office because we want you to focus on addressing inequality, unemployment, poverty and climate change.
You cannot afford to be diverted from these priorities.
We put you in office believing that you have learned from the weaknesses of earlier parliaments and would build on their strengths.
We put you in office believing that you would activate the transformation of the economic system that deepened inequality so that all Mauritians can enjoy their constitutional rights, including the rights to land, housing, health, education, water, safety and security.
We put you in office so that you act to ensure that the poorest child will not be denied access to free, quality education and institutions of learning, from early childcare education to tertiary education.
We put you in office so that you make the criminal justice system work so that gender-based violence is properly investigated and punished.
We put you in office so that you would use your power to end this vulnerability and reinstate government’s commitment to ensuring an inclusive budget.
As MPs, you have significant power.
We put you in office for you to activate the process of an electoral reform and replace the current one with an inclusive system that carries the voice of each one of us, including the minorities. We put you in office so that you ensure that trade agreements do not cost decent jobs, including women’s jobs, and do not undermine socioeconomic rights.
We put you in office so that you regulate and hold accountable corporations which pollute, steal or waste natural resources such as land and water.
Yet these past months, more harm has been done. Alleged stories of bribery, family territories, friends and friendship zones? How long will you use history as a means to coax a portion of this population? It seems that you people of this land have not learned an ounce from our history of colonization. This land belongs to us all and not just a portion of us.
How long will you engage in development projects that do not carry any long-term sustainability for the future of our environment? When will you understand that our context is unique, and we have to work within this uniqueness? That economic enhancement of our island cannot and should be compared with the United States or Europe or Malaysia. And today you are on the verge of destroying our country with a “disabled Metro project”. A price which our children will have to pay for years, down the lane.
As MPs, you have significant power.
Yet be aware that people of my generation are rising; we are those who will support you when you value our country, the Constitution, the people and the legacy of our ancestors.
Dear L’Alliance Lepep MPs,
I am just a frail young woman who, having toured the States for seven weeks, is back home with more questions. I want you to be reminded that you are in office because we have put you there to carry our voice. And you will be ejected in due time. You still have time, poise and ask yourself this question “what legacy do I want to leave behind for myself, my children, for this land and for the coming generations?” Your decisions will impact on the collective now and years down the lane.