Les Retraits

1ère course : Chap Trap, Gondwana, Skip The Red, Varational, King’s Salute
2ème course : Imperial Dancer, In The Trenches, Prince Lateral, League Of Legends
3ème course : Wanted Man, Aficionado, In  The Trenches
4ème course : Pierneef, Down Under, Kruger Rand
5ème course : Awesome Power, Unbridled Joy
6ème course : M L Jet
7ème course : Charleston Hero, Golden Ball, Caracal, Lecture D, Smitten
8ème course : Gondwana, Secret Idea, Varadiso, Skip The Red, Jack Dempsey, Monarchs Emblem, Magic Jay, Captain Nero

Changements de harnachements
1ère course : RAMAAS (105) : Tongue Tie off
3ème course : KILROY (306) : Blinkers off, OCEAN HUNTER (3010) : Blinkers again, PIMPERNEL (3011) : Blinkers off, Noseband off
4ème course : PROMISSORY (408) : Blinkers 1st time
6ème course : EVEREST (601) : Side Winkers 1st time, Tongue Tie 1st time
7ème course : TIGRE LIBRE (706) : Blinkers 1st time, MAGIC JAY(708) : Blinkers Off
8ème course : VARATIONAL (802) : Side Winkers again, NEWSMAN (804) : Side Winkers off, Blinkers again

Bonne impression
1ère course : Charleston Hero, Golden Ball, Megamuthi, Ramaas, Secret Idea, Varadiso, Skip The Red
2ème course : Rumbullion, Data Controller, Heart Of Darkness, Kruger Rand, The Deacon, Prince Lateral, Pride Rock
3ème course : Pajama Party, Aficionado, Plain Of Wisdom, Avail, Kilroy, Mount Fuji, Harryhopeithappens
4ème course : Beluga, Always Flirting, Evergreen, Forward Drive, Mr Bond, Promissory
5ème course : Entree, Lucky Valentine, Olympic Bolt, Top Jet, New Hampshire, Down Under
6ème course : Everest, Argun, Chinese Gold, Awesome Adam, Unbridled Joy
7ème course : Ready For Take Off, Chap Trap, Monarchs Emblem
8ème course : Varational, Billy Bojangles, Newsman, Red China, Ek Tha Tiger, Smitten, Social Network

Exotic Bets
Skip The Red
Mr Bond
Olympic Bolt

Golden Ball
Prince Lateral
Mount Fuji
Chap Trap
Billy Bojangles

Charleston Hero
Pride Rock
Pajama Party
New Hampshire
Unbridled Joy
Red China

Skip The Red (W)
Prince Lateral (P)
Mount Fuji (P)
Mr Bond (W)
Olympic Bolt (W)
Argun (P)
Chap Trap (P)
Red China (P)