Letter to my daughter

You have got a taste of ‘paradise’.
How free you are out of it?
Well, as free as your moral upbringing
and your conscience really.
You have seen non entities
recognised as fabulous in ‘paradise’.
You have seen opulence
We never could have.
We are hard working simple folks.
You see,
Mauritius is corrupt
to her core.
Who would live here in sound mind
Dad does, career abroad, pensioner.
You saw the corruption in private medicine
and the incompetence of public health.
You saw as a barrister the
‘justice à deux vitesses’.
Disgusting being NOT IN THE KNOW
In ‘paradise’.
This is living Hell should
the common soul wake up.
Your mum and I gave all 3 a gift
money cannot buy.
Not many in ‘paradise’ can say so!
I upset establishment seemingly.
The SSR era is gone, some dream on.
In ‘paradise’ only fools ride horses!!,
as  you know.
This little gold fish recipient
is full of greedy piranhas
Thus if you expect
Race tolerance,
Corrupt free society,
dream on my daughter.
Keep well away from HELL.