Of Life and Medical Practice

At the very outset, I wish to draw the attention of the readers on the following facts. Firstly, our birth and death are programmed. This is a certainty. There is no room for speculation.
A rare case
During my medical career spanning over 35 years, I have been fortunate to treat a very pious patient who not only predicted, but wrote in black and white the exact day, date and time of his death, two years prior of him taking his last breath; he even requested a special rite to be performed as the time of his death was not on an auspicious day. This is a rare and an exceptional case, as most of us are not aware of when we will depart from this world. Further, most people have very little memory concerning their birth as well.
This world is full of misery, yet heaven is found here itself. For those who believe that heaven is somewhere up in the sky, I am almost certain that if a free one-way air ticket were made available, there would not be many volunteers queuing up.
Secondly, the ageing process that occurs in our physical body cannot be halted. Nowadays the practice of medicine has become a very lucrative business like any other business. Usually wealthy, healthy people will resort to plastic surgery in order to keep this temporary human vehicle in a good and attractive shape. Unfortunately it proves of no avail in spite of innumerable new techniques being developed.
Thirdly, people are under the illusion that with new, innovative and sophisticated technologies, modern medical practice will bring panacea to all their ailments.
It is good to be reminded that a mind free of fear, anxiety and guilt can cure practically all minor ailments, without having to resort taking any drugs whatsoever.
Fourthly, medical practice is an art and is a noble profession as any other profession. All works have the same merits; one cannot deny that the human touch in the medical profession is relentlessly being eroded.
Modern medical practice facilitates quicker diagnosis and in the majority of cases, to have well-proven and effective therapy. Sophisticated new technologies without the human touch will always be of limited value.
Nowadays, practically everyone on planet Earth is health conscious. For a simple pain, ache or an itch here and there, people will rush to see doctors. This was not the case forty or fifty years ago.
Over 90% of diagnosis can be reached in taking a proper medical history, followed by a thorough medical examination, only few investigations need to be done. Today people request for expensive investigations to be done; especially from those having a medical insurance.
Caesarean sections
The citizen of the republic of Mauritius is fortunate to have a free medical health care. With a population of about 1.3 million inhabitants, in addition to the various government medical institutions, there are 17 clinics in the private sector. The practice of medical care doesn’t appear to be the same in the private clinics and government medical institutions. One striking example is that in 2014, 1950 caesarian sections were performed in the private clinics and this is significantly higher when compared to those in nongovernmental institutions. In 2014, 56.6% of deliveries were performed by caesarean sections in private clinics as compared to 46.5% in public hospitals.
Life is a mystery and a miracle, there are innumerable miracles occurring daily in each individual and in Mother Nature. These miracles go unnoticed. The greatest miracle concerns our breath, courtesy of which we are alive. Day in, day out, the breath accompanied by an invisible life force or life force energy, keeps us alive.  A day will come when the incoming breath will cease to enter our body and this is the end of our short precious life cycle. Sadly, most individual waste this precious time between birth and death. The vast majority of men are confused and busily running after material wealth, worldly achievement, seeking attention, name, and fame!! These are all hollow processions which serve no real purpose, man should learn the science of consciousness, increase the latter and by doing so, you’ll have a more enjoyable life, where you can taste joy, feel inner peace, remove the chaos and confusion in your daily life and have more clarity and understanding. Finally you’ll enjoy true and absolute freedom.
Respect Mother Nature
To remain in good health, be moderate in everything you undertake. Respect Mother Nature. Unravel the mysteries and miracles found in nature and if you follow this rule you will always be; not only in good health, but also in utter joy for every second of your existence. To be alive and to exist is beyond the comprehension of the ordinary man. I always say, believe in nothing, no matter where you have read it, or who said it unless it agrees with your own reason and your common sense. A stress-free mind and disease-free body are the birthrights of every human being, so take full opportunity to be always joyful. Patients should be reassured that there are still some down to earth medical practitioners who have retained the human touch, which is vital in the practice of medical profession.
Routine Investigations as a shield
Most of the readers must have heard of investigations frequently requested- these include: ECG, cardiac echo, coronary angiography, CT scan, MRI and so on. These investigations will prove useful only when indicated and interpreted by experienced medical doctors. It is unfortunate that today, routine investigations, most of which serve no purpose, are being performed. However, for fear of litigations, these investigations are used as a shield so that most medical practitioners could have peace of mind. Every profession has an inherent hazard. However, those endowed with genuine love for their work pursue their journey in complete serenity. So be one of them.
To conclude, modern medical practice is tailor-made for the wealthy and there is a great disparity when it comes to treatment between the poor and the rich. Man will fail in his quest to reach immortality, this is why I insist and reiterate that the short precious time between birth and death should be used properly and enjoyed thoroughly. The only thing that is real is the present moment. People spend a lot of time and energy in making sure that the body is comfortable. Instead one should spend more time to make sure their existence is pleasurable. Your past cannot determine your future. You should look toward the future. Until you satisfy the need for understanding, for love, expression and respect, your desire to be in good health and to be happy through material good, is utterly useless. Wake up from your slumber, and face reality.  So enjoy this precious life thoroughly as the opportunity to do so may not recur again.