Mauritius is turning into a lame Nation!

Democracy is the most challenging form of government both for the politicians and for the people. The Mauritian independence has not been an easy path to achieve especially when both the French and British colonial rule remained present for many years. Mauritian politics has turned into turmoil and despite the political instability, modernization efforts during these past decades have continued. In the words of the historian Chatterjee, who puts it rather “of how the colonial and post-colonial histories experienced by people lead to new, albeit fragmented, national identities”… Today, when talking about the so called ‘paradise island’ and if only we put aside our best sandy beaches, I kind of see my country as a lame nation. In the years that have followed, many writers have only taken a one sided-approach and if I leave it in the hands of our politicians they will rather use the magic stick to divide and rule instead of dealing with crucial issues that are flooding our island.
Despite having economic freedom, the pace of development for the country still has time to catch up with the developed world. Sometimes, many of us do ask questions such as ‘Why some are rich and others remain poor?’ It is equally important to note that nation-states have been divided by ideologies of Cold War and Marx could be taken as a guide since his economic and political ideas have influenced many societies whose diagnosis of Capitalism’s ills have helped people for a more promising future. One example that could be identified is that Mauritius has developed from a low-income agriculturally based economy to a middle-income diversified economy with a growing industrial and tourist sectors. As mentioned above, today many people constitute some kind of elite and yet contemporary Mauritius seems to be divided. If we take into consideration the Marxist theory, we can deduce that there has been improvement in the case of China, as being the communist state which dominates over other countries and has made it a super-power due to the principles of market capitalism.
Beside increased poverty and unequal distribution of power, the pseudo-intellectuals are sipping coffee and are just watching the show and while our youngsters believe that the social media is a platform where they can express themselves, by bombarding their walls about what’s going on in this country, the question arises ‘Does it make a difference for those who flip flop issues?”  In fact, as time progresses I find so many silent sufferers who are lost in the modern age as lack of unemployment is still prevailing and I wonder how many students after being graduated at the University are unable to find jobs, while many families are struggling to make both ends meet at the end of months. Cruel, yes it is and I see many children who have never known what childhood mean and who are literally in a routine kind of set. The hardcore remains in those who are unable to construct a new dream in a so called ‘Modern World’ simply as their old dreams still haunt them badly but yet choose silence as their weapon although the desire to achieve in them is present.

Is there still room for hope when we are faced to the alarming situation of drugs in our island? According to the 2011 United Nations Drug Report, the small population of Mauritius has a prevalence of opiate consumption of 0.91%, the highest in Eastern Africa, while 3.9% of the population are regular cannabis consumers. Our youngsters are greatly affected to heroin, opium, cannabis and synthetic drugs. Our hopes remain fragile.
How sweet is too sweet when even if the fifty years of our independence are approaching, there is still one question that haunts us all: Nepotism? Many of us remain the flag-waving Mauritian in spite of the inevitability of elite rule and by which the egalitarian society is simply an illusion. Our lame nation is still surviving and the fifty years of independence, that’s something to be proud of. “Would it be a moment in Mauritian history of stepping out from the old to new?” Well, for that our ancestors have left to us a great message: Learn the key to patience and you will see!