Dear Mr Yogida Sawmynaden,

Exchanging views on the state of our development with some Mauritians who have established business in Africa, I was shocked to learn that we are lagging behind most African countries who were trailing behind us just a few years ago. Is it the story of the race between hare and the tortoise being replayed? Have we been sitting on our laurels too long?
We like to boast to be a cyber island. But what is the reality behind the fact that the whole island is connected with the world through fibre optics?
I am computer savvy. Computers have a strange behavior. They refuse to obey when you most need them. So, when I had to circulate a few hundreds of invitations, my Microsoft mail messenger was adamant: it would not send any message at all. I started phoning all friends for advice and they said my last resort was 8902. I struggled with the MyT for 3 consecutive days. It was a game of going round.  I was told many funny stories: that my desktop was too old, it needed reformatting, or the connection was defective at a particular moment or I was advised to use Orange Messenger. Orange is little user-friendly.
My nephew finally asked Google for a solution and learned that the SMTP was amended [by ORANGE?] to SMTP Auth. It seems that this is something none of the Engineers or Technicians of Cyber Island 8902 was aware of. Are we going to win the race of development with wooden horses?