Most young people are interested in politics but are alienated by politicians

After meeting the youngest Member of Parliament in Tanzania during my last business trip and after seeing the passion that ignites this free spirit, I started pondering a lot about young people and politics in Mauritius.
I realised that it is a shame that young people in Mauritius have been left disillusioned about politics when it can actually be a very good platform for improving our country.
Young people's disengagement from political participation has long been a cause for concern. Little interest in and knowledge of political processes, low levels of trust in politicians and growing cynicism towards democratic institutions are often seen as indicators of young people's political apathy.
The majority of people my age are interested in the decision-making processes that affect our daily lives, even if some of us are too disengaged or disillusioned by the present problems to realise it. We all have concerns about our future – ranging from discrimination to the lack of access to education, health services, jobs and affordable homes. We should not allow ourselves to be passed off as too indifferent to participate in such discussions.
I am not saying that the other Africans countries are examples of excellence but some of the friends that I made during my Mandela Washington Fellow over 18 African countries, especially the politicians, are stunned when I tell them about the turn of events in Mauritius.
This is a fact when I tell them that we have not had a proper parliament for months, the opposition created an alliance with the government, there is officially no opposition, members of parliament are still being paid salaries, the date of the next election have not been set and yet decisions for contracts worth billions are still being allocated.
We say other Africans are bad? We as Mauritians are actually worse. Staying silent and letting current politics hit hard on you is the contrary of being patriotic. Staying silent and thinking that if you do not speak up because you are disillusioned that you will be pulled out of your unemployment plight because politicians promised you a job is living in utopia.
The chances of improvement are very poor as most of us do not hold party memberships, not because of a lack of interest in contributing to public debate but due to a barrier that has built up because of the alienation of politicians. Our leaders cannot ignore popular culture among younger generations and take the easy route by allowing celebrities to dictate public opinion.
Equally, young people cannot complain unless they are seeking to contribute to some political arguments. We should – to some extent – stand up and be counted in order to prove that we are responsible enough and likely enough to engage in the process. HYPERLINK ""A refusal to vote may seem like an act of defiance, whereas in reality it can only exacerbate the cycle of an ageing political class neglecting many of our needs.
Is this the kind of country and legacy you want to leave to the coming generations? Do you want to give reason to those who chose brain drain rather than fighting? It is your chance to decide your fate.