MTC, A Disgrace to the Sport of Kings

A jockey having taken or ingested Methadone will serve only a 6-week suspension! The same chap was allowed to ride the BARBE!!! by the MTC.
It is sickening. In the UK Kieren Fallon was suspended for 18 months and he did not ride a horse! He is a champion jockey.
This chap puts others at RISK racing under the influence. He cannot walk away as simply as the MTC  wishes.
That chap must explain where he acquired the opiate. This substance is not prescribed. The ADSU must act. A jockey riding under the influence of OPIATES must have a LIFE BAN.
You see, the Sport of Kings has witnessed a very special event - dope the jockey, forget the donkey!
Business as usual.No. IT CANNOT BE.