My World

I have heard about the 14 year old girl who was hit by her partner, with a baby in the middle. It is all too familiar and painful to me. I am a few years older than her, but our stories could not be any more similar. On Easter Day, my partner came up to me to ask for money to feed his habit, I refused because I had none. He thought our one year old baby had received gifts from relatives, but that was not the case. He flew into a blind rage, snatched the baby from my arms, threw it carelessly on the couch, dragged me to a room, and beat the hell out of me. Had his uncle not smashed the door, I would have certainly met my death. That day, his uncle refused to let me and my baby go back with him, saying that he cannot in all good conscience let me go. Since that day, I am at their place, with my baby in my care, his father not having a care for him. He came to see me once, begged me to come back, when I refused, he vowed to kill me and cut me into pieces. Since then, I’ve been trying to get my life back together. I have finally found work as a maid. I have asked the young lady of the house, who has kids herself, for clothes for my child. This has taken every ounce of my dignity. For you see, I was not always like this. I used to go to school, I was a good student, my parents worked hard to provide for us. We were poor, but dignified people. Then I fell for this guy, my parents warned me against him, but I was blinded then. I can now see with such clarity that it hurts. But I am determined not to let any 14 year old that I know of fall into the depths that I did. I plead them to go to school, to aim higher, not to let themselves be dragged by good for nothings for a moment of carnal pleasure, with long term consequences. When I read snatches of newspaper at my new workplace, I see figures of millions, for whatever reason. To me, millions do not matter as much as my dignity as a woman and a mother who wishes to provide for my child. Similar to myself are thousands of women, silently suffering, silently toiling, wondering how we spiralled into such a whirlwind which shows no sign of ending. But we are resilient, we will overcome. One day.