Un objet suspect retrouvé dans les toilettes d'un avion d'Air France en provenance de Maurice

Le Boeing 777 qui avait décollé de Maurice samedi soir a atteri en urgence à Mombassa au Kenya quelques heures plus tard

Un avion de ligne volant en direction de Paris a été contraint d’atterir après la découverte d’un objet, suspecté d’être une bombe dans les toilettes de l’avion. Ce vol d’Air France ayant à son bord 459 passagers et 14 membres d’équipage avait quitté l’aéroport Sir Seewosagur de Maurice samedi soir. L’avion a été dévié vers Mombasa au Kenya après la découverte de l’objet suspect. La police kenyane a déclaré à la presse que l’objet suspect a été enlevé du Boeing 777 et est actuellement examiné par les experts pour voir s’il contenait ou non des explosifs. L’aéroport de Mombasa était complètement fermé pendant cette opération. Les passagers qui ont été évacués à 12h37, heure locale ce dimanchematin,dont de nombreux mauriciens sont en attente des dernières nouvelles à l’aéroport de Mombasa.


This is a wake-up call to Mauritius not to take its tourism industry for granted. Just because it's a long way from the Middle East and Europe, don't think that Mauritius is somehow immune from the threat of international terrorism. There are IS sympathisers in Mauritius and Reunion, plus there are idiots who think it's clever to make hoax calls and bomb threats just to get some attention for themselves. And as Madame Soornack showed, if you're friends with someone in power or you know someone at the airport you can get on board with excess luggage and no checks.

If, God forbid, a bomb went off on a flight to/from Mauritius or at a hotel, you could wave goodbye to a big chunk of the tourism industry for quite a while (think of Bali). Mauritius is already under international scrutiny because of the bat killing, the monkey exports, the ill-treatment of migrant workers etc, so no one should be adding security worries as well. No country can afford to be complacent, and the smaller the country the bigger the damage caused by even one incident.

Rather than wasting time and ammunition shooting bats, the SMF would be better employed providing some serious security at the airport and seaport.

Mauritius should be able to secure its borders quite easily. You just need well-paid, well-trained, serious people doing their jobs professionally, without making exceptions for friends or 'VIPs'. Everybody should get exactly the same security treatment.

I just hope it is not a silly, stupid, ignorant Mauritian who put that stuff on-board. If not, its time to stop blindly ignoring that there are islamists in our country that need to be tracked down NOW. Real muslims need to condemn this and wake up NOW to track down that cancer in their community.

From a Mauritian who cares about the future of is country.

@Shame. Condemn what? Why don't you write in a language you can express yourself very clearly? That'd help, mate! Your choice of words stinks of racism. As for the Islamists, I agree with you and perhaps you could start tracking them down.

I agree with the reader who said our soldiers would make better use of their time screening each and every employee who handles baggage, scans hand luggage, loads the planes or has access to the planes. We don't want to become like Sharm-el-Sheikh.

God Bless Mauritius and Saves our country from religious loonies and foreign influences. By the way, Kenyan Police found out it was a fake bomb, didn't they?
Quote,"Mr Owino said it was a ‘dummy bomb’ designed to create fear on the plane." Unquote. Ref:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3367575/Air-France-flight-forced-land-Kenya-bomb-scare.html

very true. never serious security checks at gates. police and security officers just keep sitting at their gate posts or check points. they dont even care to enquire who you are and who is in yr vehicle or if you have the relevant permits. police vehicles and food providing vehicles are not controlled. in case of bad weather they stay in their posts and the gates are left open or else they will have to come out in the rain.when its their friends they just open the gate and wave hands to say hello. and moreover please have a verification how much stray dogs are populating in the very inside of the airport. shame for security system at ssr airport. we are there everyday as ti travaillers. rien de professionel. on laise aller jusqua ene catastrophe je pense.lever lepep.ena la mort ladans.

It's about time serious vigilance is deployed at the airport among the ground services staffs mainly the cleaners and cargo loaders. This is where the shit is not only in the toilets. They enter their job sites without any scanning what they got in their bags and moves freely on aircrafts so the police and Airport Authority must not sit on their backsides and keep saying the situation is under control. This is a serious issue and nutcases are plenty in Mauritius. Security must be re-enforced mainly among those who get access to move freely on aircrafts.Mauritius is supposed to be a safe heaven for tourists we can't jeopardies this fact by sitting on our backside and wait for it to happen then will take strict measures. Wake up people this is not a joke.