Oh Hanuman Ji! Share the Sugar and National Biscuit!

It would be inconvenient for me to add some rum to the equation! That would turn everything into a nauseating concoction. Anyway, it is commonly said that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Surely that applies to everyone, irrespective of who they might be in the world, UNLESS they happen to be born with a silver spoon in their hidden orifice where the SUN does not SHINE. Well, rare exceptions may however apply; the well-known Hindu god, Hanuman, who is revered as the most ardent devotee of Lord Rama, selflessly and heroically helped the latter rescue his wife from the evil clutches of Ravana, the demon king. Till today, to express their appreciation for this valiant deity, devotees chant ‘Oh Hanuman Ji! Oh Hanuman Ji!’
But, let’s get back to the real world as a nip to the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise Shop is proof that nothing is free.  Indeed, business is huge with a wisp of arrogance. While we look at the different goodies displayed ostentatiously with longing, a not-so-sweet scenario is being enacted behind the curtains.  In matters related to the state, surely transparency should be a key feature, including matters regarding procurement.  No-one should claim ignorance.  Accountability should be key. Yet, for the umpteenth time, mysterious forces in the highest levels of the hierarchy in the country have been hard at work, since it seems that only people intimately connected to the rich and famous can bag lucrative state contracts. Surely, not a coincidence unless one dumbly plays the naivety card!
Can you win the lottery if you haven’t even bought a ticket in the first place? This is common occurrence in Mauritius, where you can get red carpet treatment concerning job opportunities in the government, where your surname is a passport to win all kinds of invisible tenders and prime ministership, where your sugar biscuits can be sold without any qualms to one of the most profitable governmental institutions. Oh Hanuman Ji! Where are you when we need you the most to flush out nepotism and corruption? Can Hanuman Ji hear us? Please Hanuman Ji! Share the national biscuit! It would be unfair to give the biggest portions to a select few and leave the rest of us with mere morsels.  
The wave of discontent has already reached alarming proportions and surely it is just a matter of time till Hanuman Ji appears and deals with all those who are up to no good and in staunch denial of their partial acts, protecting their cowering but paradoxically ambitious ‘pitis’ at all costs! A national biscuit must be shared and should not be reserved for the grumbling stomachs of a spoilt lot of decadent parasite-like descendants, who are ever greedy and leech upon national resources. So, Hanuman Ji, true to your name, help us share the sugar biscuit and spread fairness in our little paradise…the real paradise that our country should in fact be!