OPEN LETTER TO THE FUTURE PRIME MINISTER OF MAURITIUS: Listen to the pleas of the Rajput community

Rajputs represent around 10% of the population in Mauritius. We belong to the Kshatriya Community duly registered with the Registrar of Associations and recognized by all governments in place. We are honest and hard-working people who can give their lives for the betterment of our beloved country. Since the arrival of our ancestors from India, our grand parents and parents have been able to keep their cultural values lively.
Despite political “ups” and “downs”, Rajputs have always supported the governments in place for the betterment of the country and the citizens at large. Yet they have never raised their voices for selfish gains and are still considered as a docile community always eager to work for the progress of their beloved motherland with peace, harmony and mutual respect for all other communities.
The address yesterday of the Prime Minister on the electoral reforms and the eventual alliance of the Labour Party with the MMM for the forthcoming general election make us ponder widely on the negative effects which this may have on the future of our younger generation with a possible 60-0 in favour of the latter alliance. With all due respect which we owe to the Prime Minister, however, it is a fact and the Kshatriya Community knows fully well that we are the most marginalized in this country and that, in the name of “tolerance” and “vulnerable”, they will no more sacrifice themselves and their families for the betterment and well-being of others. We, therefore, sincerely believe that it is high time now that the future Prime Minister of this country must personally come forward to listen to our pleas. To this effect, we would request that, among others, the following must be considered as a matter of urgency:
(a) It is being observed that there is “Rajput bashing” by the MBC/TV. The Director General may not have noticed and realized it and we request him that he must carry out an immediate inquiry to bring prompt remedial solution to the situation. If needs be, we will be more than happy to assist him in his task.
(b) Many young Rajputs holding professional degree qualifications are not provided equal opportunities to join governmental and parastatal bodies to prove their talents and capabilities. Obviously, it is a belief that higher level posts are not meant for the Kshatriya Community. However, with the advent of new electoral reform which is also intended to abolish discrimination against colour, caste, creed or religion, the Kshatriya Family will expect that the future Prime Minister of this country will,  undoubtedly, provide opportunities to our young and capable Rajputs to join deserving jobs or to climb up ladders to serve their motherland.
(c) The future government must make provision so that Rajputs are also appointed at the Public, Police and Local Government Services Commissions.
(d) The future Prime Minister must see to it that all Rajputs, when appointed as Ministers after general election, must make it a must to come forward to listen to the opinions and pleas of the Kshatriya Family. We, therefore, advise that, while preparing their lists of candidates for this forthcoming general election, the future Prime Minister must allocate tickets to those Rajputs who will genuinely represent the overall Kshsatriya Family in Mauritius, particularly those middle and poorer classes who do not even know whose doors to knock in cases of extreme difficulties.
Whether the general election will be held this year or the next, the Rajput Uprising is making solemn appeal to all the Kshatriya families in Mauritius that they have a crucial role to play during this forthcoming election. We are convinced that Rajputs can judge the good against the evil, is now fully conscious about the future of their kids and will never allow others to come in their good path to fool and grab their happiness for their selfish benefits. We are with you but to enlighten your path. Believe us.  

5th June 2014


I am baffled to learn that the Rajputs constitutes 10% of the population of Mauritius. I am a kshatri and I am at a loss to know that I form part of the alleged 10 % of the 1.3 million of Mauritians. I am aware that I, as a kshatri, belong to the bare minimum of about 3% of the population , though I have never ever checked it out. I am pleased that you are fighting for the rights of the group you stand for, but I would appreciate if you would enlighten me as to how you got that figure. When was that association registered with the Registrar of associations? I am not privy to the contents of your letter because I am abroad. Thanks.

The most racial people on earth is our local folks. The biggest caste is humanity. Myself being categorised in the same, I do not feel ashamed to say Rajput of Mauritius are by first order Dusadh and thus amongst the lowest strata. I am not ashamed, have illborne complexity nor hangovers to cross the floor. This guy must be sick, having lost his compass and utterly racist to use our Dussadh category to look for quotas and others benefits. Haha ha Kshatriya illusory complexes when we do not need promotion or auto proclamation for being in the human band.