Open letter to The Minister of Health & Quality of Life

This is a short reply following an article entitled “Anil Gayan associe la méthadone à l’Alzheimer et à la démence” published in Le Défi Quotidien of 18th September 2015 on page 9.
Truth always prevails but there is an art in its delivery. Words should not only be carefully used but the time should be propitious for its communication. At this juncture, this is to reassure patients with opiate addiction and their families to live a full life. Live in the present and not be bothered, in the least, about tomorrow or the future. Each individual is unique on planet earth. Anyone suffering from any kind of illness has the right to expect the best well proven treatment so as to be in optimum health. Whenever we use words for communication to any patient it should bring solace and silence.
Mr. Anil Gayan is highly literate and is in charge of a very important ministry. Patients are in a vulnerable mental state and as such it is the duty of one and all not only to encourage but also to avoid causing fear which disturbs and weakens the patient’s whole system. Anyone is susceptible of developing a medical ailment and no one is immune from the ageing process. Hence, we must not unduly worry about unknown territories over which we have no control.
Alzheimer and Dementia
Alzheimer is a serious disorder of the brain manifesting itself in premature senility. This disease was first described about 100 years ago by a German Neurologist named Alzheimer. Till today the cause of this disease is unknown. There is no cure but certain drugs are available to reduce the progression of this illness.
Dementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes marked by memory disorders, personality changes, impaired reasoning due to brain disease or injury. With higher standard of living specially in well developed and rich countries people are living longer thus resulting in an increase in Dementia associated with the ageing process.
In conclusion, I wish to draw the attention of readers that we all came to this world gifted with innocence. You only have to observe children up to the age of 2 years. As we grow up we become more intelligent only to lose our innocence. We are born with silence but with time the silence was filled with words. At one stage we lived in our hearts but with the passage of time we moved into our heads. With the blessing of the Almighty God we should aim to reverse the above sequence and get back to our innocence and enjoy this marvelous, mysterious and sanctified life.


A very good lesson given to the Minister who is a layman and talks about things which must be debated by the medical profession. Where is his director general of health services (CMO)? It is high time that SAJ gets rid of him for imcompetence.

Matters of health do not confer monopoly to the medical profession. Considering the mess Mauritius is already in for the incompetence of the medical profession which suddenly became "policy-makers" throughout the years, one can only differ from your short-sightedness, Angu! If you are a physician then I stand even more uncorrected !