Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to bring to your attention a scourge that has been plaguing drivers in Quatre Bornes, more specifically on Victoria Avenue, for years. As you are aware, the entrance to and way out of the town’s bus station are located there, with double yellow lines running along the station until the traffic lights at the junction of Victoria Avenue and the main road. Yet, despite the yellow lines, whose meaning is known to any sensible driver, bus drivers of private companies, known as bis individiel shamelessly stop outside the bus station, with their engines running, for reasons known only to them, forcing the traffic around them to accommodate to the disruption that they cause.

I have been using this road everyday for the past four years, two times a day, and almost everyday, at least one of the two times I reach the said spot, you can be sure one of those buses will be there, blocking traffic, apparently waiting for passengers… when it has had a whole station to its disposal. This creates many ripple problems. In the first place, a driver who is not aware of these shenanigans, might stop behind these buses for a few minutes, like a conforming road user, thinking that the lights are red, until the bus driver shamelessly indicates that (s)he can overtake the bus. Secondly, passengers who see the bus of their destination, and who are on the other side of the road, will hastily cross the road, causing the possibility of accidents. Thirdly, when such blatant disrespect for the law is decried by other road users, they are verbally abused. I state this last point, Sir/Madam, out of recent experience.

I had raised this issue on Facebook last year. Quite a few people had responded by saying that this has been the way since long and will not change. Some said that they had complained to the local police but to no avail. Others have said that I should quietly go my way, and not bother about such things. Having been fed up of conforming to shameless road abusers, I decided to call them out. While doing so, I have heard a litany of abuses from the drivers themselves, from other fellow bus drivers, from the safe comfort of their buses in the station, not hesitating to use foul language, despite the presence of my mother in the car on one occasion.

However, what pushed me to the brink was yet another confrontation where I was told to ‘anvole si to pa kapav atann’. This emboldened attitude incensed me. This time, I made the  trip to the Quatre Bornes police station and a complaint later, the helpful policemen told me that they are well aware of the situation and they do their level best to contain the problem by giving fines and warnings, but the anarchist drivers couldn’t care less. They gave a warning to the driver in question. However, the problem remains. Which leaves me with the next option of turning to you, dear Sir/Madam, to see how you can intervene to restore this stretch of the road to its due glory. I humbly suggest to consider a revocation of licence for the offending companies, coupled with a training for offending drivers.

This road safety hazard has to stop. And it has to stop now. We cannot go on accepting people who think that they have the right to impose their unlawful selfish ways when there are already regulations in place for everyone. A laisser-aller in such situations gives rise to vigilantes, which become a bigger problem than the initial one. I remain confident however in the ability of your respective offices to take this issue seriously and to come up with a long lasting solution.
Kind regards.