OPEN LETTER TO PRAVIND JUGNAUTH : Comme un malheur ne vient jamais seul…

Honourable Mr. Prime Minister,
One can easily understand your present predicament, while a Damocles sword is dangling above your head with the Medpoint affair still unsettled. ‘Comme un malheur ne vient jamais seul…’, we now learn the Police is taking seriously a threat on your life and that of the Minister Mentor commissioned by the drug barons, which as a matter of fact is a token of your determination to go through to the very end to extirpate the drug scourge from our society.
There is hardly any need for you to avail yourself of every opportunity – as has been the case over the recent past – to remind ‘mo pou san pitie ek bann trafikan ladrog’. I, for one among many others, trust you mean business, though your political opponents miss no opportunity to taunt you on your inability to translate your avowed determination into facts, like Bérenger’s recent ‘nous verrons jusqu’à quand Pravind Jugnauth se montrera tolérant’.
At this point in time, notwithstanding what has already transpired from the hearings of the Commission of Enquiry with, most likely, more to unravel when the Pandora’s box is emptied of its full contents, tolerance is not the appropriate term to qualify your present posture.But at the same time you cannot lose sight of the fact that, according to media reports, the Commission of Enquiry is submitting its findings soon, while the country may be already in the grips of the fever of the by-election, or at least in eager expectation of it, unless …!
Depending on the findings and recommendations of the Commission of Enquiry, which may, probably, provide your opponents with lethal ammunition to fire broadsides at you and your MSM, it is then that ‘lepep admirab’ will take the full measure of the significance of your ‘mo pou san pitie’. Not long ago, in these very columns at the height of the furore caused by the ‘deal papa piti’, I was one of the few who pleaded that you be given sufficient time to earn the rating you  are worth at the helm. It depends on you, and only you, to be an achiever with a place in our political history, or not.
The findings of the Commission of Enquiry could be a major test, that pale other considerations, for you to show what you have ‘dans le ventre’. The right opportunity to belie your detractors who claim you do not have ‘l’étoffe’ and at the same time remove much of the steam from their onslaught. Will you be able to weather the storm most likely to be unleashed in your own ranks? Will you be able to wield the axe ‘sans pitié’, however much embarrassing and painful, to rub clean some blots on our institutions by ordering, where warranted, ‘lev pake ale’, more effective than any reversible stepping-down. The only alternative being to continue to dabble in the same stenchful muddy waters. Attendons voir.
This open letter has been addressed to you without the least intention to cause you any embarrassment. The general feeling is that at long last someone of authority has declared his firm intention to set his foot down to rid the country of the scourge that narcotics represent. But we are only at the stage of intentions and promises.
But, be that as it may, ‘lepep admirab’, or at least the silent majority, without any preconception,’ vous attendront au tournant’! The ball will be in your court.
Kind regards.

P.S: The Soodhun affair bears no reference whatsoever to the above since it erupted after the article was written. Yet it gives added weight to the main point raised above, though, admittedly, it overshadows everything on the political scene…
July 21 2017