Dear Minister,
I hope that you are doing well and wish to apologise if the issue I am writing about might seem trivial.  However, I am sure that many, men and women alike, will empathise with what I wish to say.  
Women menstruate; fact. On average, we, women will spend about 3 500 days menstruating during our lifetime. This is not something that we have chosen to go through but then, Nature has its own mysteries and justifications and we humans have to work around it to survive.  This brings me to the following pressing question: Why is VAT imposed on sanitary pads/tampons in Mauritius? You announced the abolition of 30% customs duty on sanitary towels (pads) and tampons during last year’s budgetary measures but unfortunately, VAT is still stinging us and it hurts.
Periods are no luxury.  Any woman will painfully testify to this.  They serve a basic biological function and here to stay, no matter what. They are not welcome but will come anyway. Therefore, sanitary pads/tampons have become necessities.  We simply cannot do without them. Gone are the days of using leaves or pieces of cloth. These products are life savers. They allow us to go about our daily routines such as school, work etcetera. But their prices are relatively expensive and careful monthly budget planning is required to welcome Nature’s deluge.  Imagine the households where females constitute the majority.  It does come to a hefty price tag eventually and VAT simply makes the pill even bitterer to swallow, on top of the cramps and inconveniences. I am sure you will agree that this is a gross injustice towards us. This is sheer taxation on our inevitable biological functions.
Dear Minister, I hope that you will take note of our grievances and do your best to remove VAT imposed on pads/tampons. Women will definitely be highly grateful to you.
Kind regards.


Men's Razor blades don't need VAT either...:)

Yes, I agree in principle. But then, by extension, humans (in the general sense) need food to survive. Again, same thing: We did not choose to be hungry, but Nature has made us humans in such a way that we have to eat to survive. Therefore, should we cancel VAT on food as well. What about electricity, water? What about doctor's prescriptions?what about a laptop that someone needs to work in order to make her family survives?

To my knowledge, food is VAT-free. :)

I think that the author of this letter is very bold. Moreover she is fighting for half of the population and certainly has a strong case that needs to be considered very soon..!!! I fully support her...!!!

You are right. VAT should be higher for luxury goods and decrease as it becomes a necessity.
Aston Martins ,high ends BMW, Audis ,first class plane tickets should be taxed highest.

Absolutely,well put,Bhawna Atmaram.

It is to be noted though,that none of our women MPs,members of female organiations or even dads/husbands,have,to date asked for the removal of VAT charges,on the saniray pads.

Not only VAT should be removed but customs duty,too!

And this on a worldwide basis!

It is definitely an abuse and an attack on women in Mauritius and around the world.

Those,including women who sat/sit and impose VAT on these pads should be ashamed of themselves.

Women are generally given a designer bad deal in Mauritius.

Luckily the author of these lines is not burdened with this monthly deluge.

What is sad though,this whole episode may be used by a certain Prince,who will make a big announcement in Parliament and cancel the VAT on the sanitary pads.

A caring Prince...

Well well well....
If anyone acts in the interests of women, especially those who are stuggling on a daily basis, it would be great! Sadly, many MPs are out of touch with the common problems affecting common people! Sad!

Invisibility of women on bank notes and coins here: isn't it time to fix that also?