TO PAHLAD RAMSURRUN: What about Idrice Goomany ?

I read with a lot of interest Mr Pahlad Ramsurrun's article (1st Part) on Dr Jugroo Seegobin published yesterday. It is always good to remind the new generation about the contributions and sacrifices of our elders in laying down the edifice of the Mauritian society.
But I do not know what could be Mr Ramsurrun’s source of information that made him believe that Dr Jugroo Seegobin (born in 1901) was the first Indo-Mauritian doctor in Mauritius. According to documentary evidence, Dr Idrice Goomany (born in 1859) happened to be one of the first Indo-Mauritian medical practitioners. He was in charge of the Pointe Aux Cannoniers Quarantine near Mon Choisy. He died on 20 July 1889, at the tender age of 30, while trying to save other human lives caught by the terrible epidemic disease of cholera. The epitaph of his tomb which lies in the compound of Club Med reminds us that “he died in order that others may live”. This is indeed a strong lesson on professional integrity and values of sacrifice that need to be passed on to posterity. Definitely, there are several examples of role models that can be drawn from the lives of Dr Idrice Goomany, Dr Hassen Sakir, Dr Maurice Curé, Dr Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, Dr Jugroo Seegoobin amongst others.


I guess that Pahlad Ramsurrun's definition of Indo-Mauritian is religiously inspired!