The Pernicious Powder Power Seeping Through Our Soil…

Once upon a time, Mauritius used to be a quaint little paradise in its own right. Let us forget the postcard picture-perfect image of sun, sea and sand for a moment. For sure, life has been a constant struggle for such a small island as ours but with determination and sweat, we slowly carved a niche for ourselves on the international map. Our hearts swelled with pride as we contemplated where we have come and where we could go…could…could… For, you see, looking around, an air of dejection seems to have taken over, spreading its moroseness everywhere. The ready smiles and usually hopeful demeanour of Mauritians are all but gone. Drugs have now spread to every nook and cranny of the country, ravaging everything on their path, leaving families weeping inconsolably over the dead bodies of their dear ones who have succumbed to power of the lethal powder.
Despite the best efforts of the authorities to eradicate this fatal scourge, it is unfortunate that powerful hands behind the curtains are still abetting the spread of drugs, just like an organised mafi a in movies! However, the tragedy is that this scenario does not merely belong to the world of fantasy but is the new reality. Many of us are quick to claim that we have lost the war on drugs due to the powerful invisible forces that prey upon the stupendous amount of easy money that these illicit substances generate. So, if money=power, power=powder.
The average Mauritian feels powerless when the landscape is wilting, as the pernicious power of the powder has seeped through the soil over which our ancestors drained their sweat and blood. Is this the poisoned chalice we wish to leave to our children?