Plore Mo Bazar Vacoas!

A simple life pleasure of mine consists in going to the Vacoas market, one of the biggest and most popular markets in Mauritius.  Market days are held twice a week, namely on Tuesdays and Fridays. Feasting my eyes on the colourful fruits and vegetables, having a whiff of the delicate scents of fine herbs, bustling about choosing the fresh delicacies, my senses are aroused and I am in a different world.  But STOP! Shock horror! That fantasy has been shattered by the government in place! There will be no market day on Friday, 1st May 2015! There goes my enjoyable Friday habit out of the window on a whim!
But why would market day at Vacoas be cancelled? Is there a calamity? Some urgent business in the national interest of the population? A rat or vermin infestation? A shortage of fruits and vegetables? A massive commemoration ceremony in honour of the workers of Mauritius, in the context of Labour Day? No! Not even that!
The ludicrous justification advanced by Lallians Lepep, which constitutes the government of our country, is that they are holding their May-Day political meeting at ‘La Place Bazar Vacoas’ and have therefore come up with the brilliant idea of cancelling market day and postponing it to the following Saturday.  All that is very well BUT many of the fruit and vegetable sellers happen to work at the Quatre-Bornes market on Saturdays too and will end up losing a fair amount, given that they are not given any paid day off on May 1st.  Their livelihood depends on these market days and this decision, which certainly does NOT pertain to the overall interest of the nation, is causing them enormous prejudice. Their anger can be felt and is perfectly justified. Is this what is called good governance? Maybe listening to empty, repetitive propaganda is!
The scathing irony is that the rights of these workers have been trampled on the very day where the sweat and contribution of workers all over the world should have been acknowledged and commemorated.  Just for the sake of some generic rhetoric. So, plore mo Bazar Vacoas!


It is quite disproportionate for a columnist of your stature to become all flared up about such a simple matter.Convenience for some causes inconvenience for others.Let's not here engage ourselves into a slanging match.You are excellent; though deeply rooted in political philosophy.You've done better before.

Born and bred in Vacoas, this is not a 'simple' matter for me. Here, many planters depend on the market for a living. It is all about perspective.

Thank you.

Peace favour you.

Very good English and an excellent argument. Political parties should not be allowed to celebrate Labour Day. Only trade unions should do so for it is their day. What would have happen if they held a meeting on that day near the Vacoas market? Would the police have reported the Friday market day on Saturday? For Friday last, had the police acted on its own or executed the new government's command?

well said . but who cares? not the fat cats?

Fat cats eat no fruits and vegetables but are carnivorous! There you go!

la demagogie se porte bien.

" All that is very well BUT many of the fruit and vegetable sellers happen to work at the Quatre-Bornes market on Saturdays too and will end up losing a fair amount..." Really?

Where else do these market sellers work?

Please note that it is the Police has advised against the market being held on May 1st on ground of security, crowd control etc.. AND RIGHTLT SO!

The municipality of Vacoas- Phoenix has acted responsibly by complying with the Police advice.

One has only to imagine the chaos if both market and meeting were taking place at the same time.

In fact all markets should take place on Saturdays.

Afterall it is the 1st of May and you should advise those poor market workers to take a day off.

As for their alledged losses you and anyone else who feels for the market workers could pay twice, the asking price , as a deed of generosity , when you next attend the Vacoas market, on Friday May the 8th.

Quatre Bornes too is a good market...

Why did l'Alliance Lepep penalise the Vacoas market stakeholders when there are so many other places where the Alliance could have held its meeting? They could have held the meeting at Champ de Mars or Place du Quai or Quatre Bornes.

The point is that the meeting could have been held somewhere else, which would not have caused so many inconveniences to so many people! Some basic background research by the mighty Lallians would have sufficed! I guess you must be aware of the huge traffic jams that occurred in Vacoas yesterday due to the closure of that part of Sivananda Road, for the preparation of the meeting.
Anyway, I have highlighted that many of these workers would not have welcome a day off just like that since they are not entitled to a PAID DAY OFF.
At times, it is good to get off one's high horses and understand that not everyone is in the same life situation. Plus, if you have so much extra cash to spare, I suggest you start the deed of charity by paying three times the asking price.

Very well written.
La foire vacoas is deeply anchored in heart as a souvenir of belated father. We worked hard there and today just because of political insanity we are bearing this result. So sad, so SAJ.