"Politics is the Shadow Cast on Society by Big Business"

Many winced in America, the self-proclaimed bastion of economic liberalism, back in 1931 when philosopher John Dewey famously shared this prescient observation. Few would have challenged him in the wake of the predictable pull out spearheaded by Donald Trump from the Paris Accord on climate change. But for savvy observers, the perfect market has always been bs. Arguably, variations do exist depending on where you are and when is your point of reference. Corporate class and mainstream political class tend to instrumentalise each other for narrow self-interest and fat rewards. Regardless how disrupted livelihoods, health and environment. The global civic rebellion merely signals a belated reaction to an earlier wake-up call. Plutocratic tendencies in smaller nations like Mauritius, where inclusive democracy is elusive, can be very devastating indeed. To mitigate the extractive drift, is there any more productive alternative than rallying all progressive energies into a forceful advocacy of  what may well be the most far-reaching reform: a thoughtful legislation to regulate electoral funding?