Pulling down the wall that Chidambaram is building

The relationship between India and Mauritius has always been very cordial and variously described as one between two brothers, two cousins, between Maha Bharat and Chota Bharat or as India and India abroad. Similar relationships exist between other two countries as well, UK and USA being one such example.
These bonds have not always been guided by what in diplomacy is known as permanent interests. Mauritius has been offered until late a political price for its sugar in the UK and later in European market. Our textile exports to the EU enjoyed a preferential tariff. Our phasing out from a sugar industry to a cane industry has been financially supported by the EU. Our status as a most favoured nation spurred our economy so much so that we love to call ourselves the tiger of the Indian Ocean.
One consideration that has entered geopolitical calculations is the kin and kith factor. Despite a defense agreement with Argentina, the USA sided with the UK in the Falklands war. When the UK heard the cry of “civis britanicus sum”, it defended the Zimbabwean White farmers against all moral compunctions. The West led by the USA and the UK supported the Apartheid policies in South Africa.
What has infuriated the Indian Government that Minister Chidambaram has started to rock the boat in the calm sea of India-Mauritius non-double taxation agreement ? Our unconditional pro India vote at the UN, our capital designated as the capital of the Indian Diaspora, our sponsoring India’s demand for a seat in the UN Security Council, our trade deficit with our neighbor and our “special” relationship have all been ignored. The great principles that made India support Palestine against the powerful of the day, the refusal to bomb Pakistani nuclear installations with the instigation and logistic support of Israel and the humane stand adopted by this leader of the NAM have all evaporated in the storm in a tea cup brewed by the Indian Minister of Finance.
We have no skeletons in our cupboards. And India stands to save its image as a just, benevolent, reliable and principled ally and friend by pulling down the wall that Chidambaram is building. Long live India-Mirish Desh friendship.