A Question of Perspective

August marked 11 years since I left Mauritius for Ireland, as a newly wed to someone who had studied and was already working there. It was always the plan to settle back in Mauritius, which happened almost two years back. We are often asked the reason of our decision to settle back here, legitimate question for some considering that many are of the opinion that Mauritius has nothing to offer and that ‘abroad’ is the place to be. We are all aware of the great lacks that are present in many sectors of our country, be it in health, education or others. We all know that things get stuck very often in red tape and unless there is some high level intervention, many see opportunities pass them by to the advantage of others, whose abilities are highly questionable. It is perceived that things are better abroad. Yes, there are a lot of things that are better abroad: experience that is available there is years ahead that what is available here. But in a way, there is no room for comparison for certain sectors, like health, since the system is different.
The youth is the future of a country, they say. Parents and the state invest millions in sending youngsters for studies abroad. It is truly an investment, the question we have to ask ourselves: is there a return on such investment? How motivated is the youth body that goes abroad to come back? It would surely make a difference if instead of resignedly talking about the lack of progress of the country, we offer and are offered the extensive expertise and experience acquired abroad. The expenses incurred would have been recouped in a progressive way through such actions.
Many put forward the argument that there is nothing worth coming back to. If such is the case, one should ponder why the number of expatriates coming to work here is on the increase. Surely there must be something this country has to offer. The truth is, difficulties and obstacles are present here and there. The difference lies in how they are tackled and where one is more willing to face them.
The more extensively one travels, the greater the similarities between countries become clear. Social mores, political problems, not to mention economic ones are rampant everywhere. Many make the choice to stay abroad while some choose to come back.  What tips the scale is where the heart lies and where one feels better equipped to deal with life.