RALLY FOR THE TAMIL NEW YEAR : Let’s keep our cultural values alive

To all Tamizhens,
We wish you a Happy New Year.
Let us all seize this opportunity to think about our culture and tradition and how wasteful it is to organise a rally from Plaza to the North on the occasion of the Tamil New Year. Let's think about it from a financial standpoint, in particular when it comes to the number of cars participating in those rallies every year (about 200 cars); it does cost a lot in terms of petrol. This money could have been used more efficiently through donations to kovils (temples) or to give a helping hand to Tamil institutions in order to keep our cultural values alive. We could have promoted traditional music or built new institutions to enhance the learning process of Tamil language in Mauritius. Think about the traditions of our ancestors. Rallies and shows are not the best ways to serve our community.
Learning from our elders is preferable. They did it the right way.
Humbly yours,
Nandri (Thank you)