Renewal: New Blood and New Governance

The countdown for the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius has started.  Our country has made huge progress on its development agenda but it has a long way to achieve an inclusive democratic society.  Our politicians are busy chasing power rather than improving citizens’ lives. Citizens are subjected to incoherence and confusion - the latest being the Alvaro affair.
Young people’s lives are destroyed by synthetic drugs, by unemployment, by lack of leisure, by prostitution, human trafficking and yet authorities are often in a mode of denial. And when they do not deny, they invent useless programs to keep us under control.
The government has established programs that employ young graduates for internship.  But are these really solving the problem of youth unemployment?  Not to mention the nature of work that these young people are being asked to perform, which is undesirable.  Surely many of them will excel in making photocopies or data entry! What does this say about our dignity?
The government’s current focus is on “The Metro”, many people have expressed their views, indicating how unviable the project is but a handful of people believe they know better: ‘we are government, we decide!’  The metro project will absorb large amount of resources while many people will continue not to get access to water, decent housing etc.   
I am anxious about the conditions that my family will face in the future.  There is a feeling of disgust with our current political system.  Our politicians have been lying for far too long and governance is not sufficiently people centred.  Our citizens need to voice out and claim for a more inclusive democratic space.  It’s time to wake up!  Our country needs new blood. There will be no renewal without electoral reform and addressing the funding of political parties. We the youth are calling for your support to push for a real agenda for change.