REPLY TO ANIL BANYMANDHUB | HORSERACING : Not only the Sport of Kings but also the King of Sports !

Dear Mr Banymandhub,
Your attack against the MTC last Saturday was truly unwarranted.
It is a shame that you did not disclose or were probably not aware of all the facts when comparing the cases of Jockeys Joorawon and Fallon, both sanctioned after positive returns. If things are not rectified, the readers run the risks of being misled on the wrong path like a field of horses following a loose horse on a racecourse.
When Jockey Fallon was handed an 18-month ban in France (not in the UK as you wrote), it was the second time within three years that he was being tested positive to a prohibited substance. The drugs involved in the cases of the two jockeys are not in the same category.
When you wrote that “the same chap was allowed to ride in the BARBE !!! by the MTC”, you failed to mention that the MTC granted the authorization to Joorawon to ride in the Barbé after that jockey had passed successfully another drug test before the classic racemeeting to show that his system was clear of any prohibited substance.
For your information, Jockey Joorawon received no favour as his penalty of seven weeks suspension is the heaviest inflicted for this kind of offence in Mauritius where there is no racing all year round like in the UK.
In its battle against drug abuse in horseracing and as has been witnessed by foreign observers, the MTC has a level of testing that can be matched only by very few of the great racing countries in the world like Hong Kong, for example, with 100% of our horses pre-race tested at the Champ de Mars and all winners post-race tested. Jockeys are routinely tested both on racedays and at trackwork. Horses are even tested when out of competition.
What other sport practiced in Mauritius offers such a level of screening against drugs week after week ?  
The reply to that question explains why horseracing is said to be not only the Sport of Kings but also the King of Sports !
Yours truly.