That the nation was yearning for a change of administration is an under-statement. That it expected a landslide victory and a wholesale transformation of the political landscape was surreal against all odds. The people have unequivocally voiced out loud and clear that they fancied a much needed change, not just for the sake of it, but more pertinently for a change of attitude and a damn down-to-earth pragmatic approach when it comes to the fundamentals of ethically good governance.
Partisanship was at one time considered the lynchpin to the successful outcome of an electoral campaign, but if this 2014 ballot is anything to go by, political leanings are no longer the bedrock of traditional forces they used to be. Instead what could be observed is a worldwide phenomenon of leaders’ charismatic personality and their basic integral human values that come into play, swinging voters with unparalleled volatility.
The disposed leaders could well be licking their wounds and in retrospect rationalizing their failures to a multitude of causes. It is rarely the leader’s fault of course. Even the less enlightened and parochial of individual places the blame fairly and squarely on the leaders’ arrogance and lust for power. Their un-relentless obsession with the unwarranted change of the constitution to accommodate their personal aspirations proved too unpalatable as did their dastardly and reprehensible audaciousness to reward their “petits copains” for reasons obscure to many a man of reasonable disposition.
It remains to be seen whether this new administration’s return to the future shall bear the fruits of success or suffer the bitterness of failure. What they cannot be denied though, is their clinical operation of political engineering to lead Mauritius to the long-awaited economic growth and a contemporary formula to ensure social equality that this country is crying out for desperately.
More than ever before, the newly elected members of parliament must take cognition of the fact that they must honour the trust that people placed in them and deliver real and lasting changes in Mauritius. The electorate of the day, sophisticated and intelligent as it is, demands nothing less than a tangible outcome. Anything less is highly objectionable and would rightly command a remorseless switch of allegiance as befits the circumstances. And yes you guess it; the politics of non-partisanship now reign supreme.    
The vim and vigor of the new administration is visibly noticeable and there is every indication that it means business. Before too long, the long spell of discontent will with a bit of luck become a thing of the past and the nation could breathe a sigh of relief once more.