Run for your life…uh...litchis!

Did you know that litchis feature among the most valuable assets in our dear Republic and rate far higher in esteem than human life itself? The humble tropical litchi, which enjoys the indulgence of the warm and caressing rays of the summery sun, with its rough skin, white juicy flesh and unique seed, is enough to make one’s mouth salivate and heart beat frantically! Irresistible! Litchis can sell for a pretty good price too, depending on regional pedigree. No wonder it is sacrilegious to touch litchis which do not belong to you.  So, it is perfectly understandable why in a very recent past, our Commissioner of Police went ballistic (well, metaphorically) when a petty thief had the cheek to put his disgusting hands on his pretty litchis. Needless to say that in the matter of a mere day, the thief was arrested, tried and sentenced to six months in jail! Even Lucky Luke has been left scratching his head; someone fired justice (!) faster than he could fire his weapon.
And what about the value of human life? Competition is rife.  The litchi, with its powerfully unique seed, is worth all the human seeds in Mauritius.  You can get away with formulating death threats for a long while here, but not stealing litchis.  Paradoxical, isn’t it? But this is the norm now, with ridiculous patterns emerging day after day. It has been commonly assumed that in any self-respecting democracy which prides itself on good governance and the uplifting of law and order, citizens should observe strict ethical parameters.  Even a child knows that threats meant to cause harm to others are not permissible. Death threats, particularly when caught on tape, in front of a packed audience, surely deserve urgent consideration from all the concerned authorities.  Wrong! In our topsy-turvy paradise, a senior minister has the right to threaten to kill the leader of the opposition who is a symbol of our democracy. Despite the solid evidence, official complaints duly filed and a nationwide outcry, an investigation is still in progress and the verbal assailant has even been able to leave the country quietly, all in VVIP style! No immediate arrest nor instantaneous plea from higher levels to step down, pending the completion of the investigation. There is no expeditious karma. Instead, justice has to wait.
One can only wonder what lessons our youngsters are learning from those very people who are supposed to be role-models par excellence. The tragedy is that they might follow suit and threaten anyone at will, since a senior minister has been left unscathed. Has anyone thought about the deeper implications of what message is seeping through to the young minds of our nation? They are the ones who represent our hope, our future. They have the right to witness the fairness of justice, not a shoddy system based on favouritism and corruption. Condoning such outright roguish and hazardous behaviour is incendiary and sets a very wrong precedent.  Let us hope that our youngsters have much better sense than to imagine themselves as loony characters in the Wild West, hurling our gratuitous abuse and threats right and left or to value a litchi more than a life!
On an end note, still drooling over litchis? Whatever happens, do not touch those which do not belong to you! If temptation is going to your head and you cannot handle the heat, get out of the kitchen and randomly threaten someone. You will be just fine!


A very well written pièce of prose or literature and expertly argued as well . The bloke referred to is not only a mere minister , he is also called Sousd'Ane and Vice Prime Minister of Our Republic well respected internationally ( the republic , that is ) the number one country in the African region in a number of sectors , mentioned as the model to be inspired by and copied if its African peers have no qualms or shame or reticence about doing so . That is before it was turned not long ago into one of the worst banana republic second to only one or two other such fruity republics . The laws of Mauritius are essentially of English and French origins , the best we can have so far , but when the people put to administer and implement them turn out to be ruffians and rascals of the order that prevail in the country these days , nothing good is to be expected to come out . As the vast majority of Mauritians have had the bad luck to experience these present days . It looks as if the investigators to the case are bent on dragging their to get on with the enquiry , in no hurry to emulate their colleagues in charge of the litchis enquiry, and what is worth trying to get hold of defenses to avail the all powerful vice PM when they are requesting that the authenticity of the video is proved , when the minister in person has publicly personally stated nothing wrong about the video and begged for forgiveness and offered explanations and other extenuating circumstances before he leaves the country .