Selamat Datang Dato' Sri Mustapa*

Your ancestors had no choice but to go where the ocean current took them and they ended in Africa. The compass of your jet does not allow the Indian Ocean to separate us. So welcome to Mauritius.
Here, as the representative of your PM, you are not honoring our Government only but the whole of Mauritius who sends 5000 students to Malaysian Universities and run 3 weekly flights to KL. Keranamu Malaysia. You are coming here to reinforce the cordial ties between our two nations which have a common destiny and in a way a common history and concern: that to forge a nation out of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-lingual society.
Malaysia has promoted the Satu-Malaysia concept and the result is eloquent: there are more Hindu temples in Selangor than Masjids, there are Indian and Chinese schools that teach in their vernacular, there is the famous All Indian University of Medicine, Science and Technology, Chinese and Tamil Newspapers, Radio and TV stations, Hindu and Chinese festivals are mainstreamed to become national holidays, and out of the 50 richest Malaysians 38 are Chinese, 5 are Hindus and only 7 are Muslims.
Mauritius is favoring constitutional tools to achieve similar aims: We have created the Equal Opportunities Commission, the Civil Service Appeal Tribunal, The Human Rights Commission and our Apex Court is the Privy Council in UK, as a move to reassure everyone that nepotism will not interfere into the administration of justice. We enjoy religious holidays, religious bodies are given grants, each religious/linguistic group has a cultural centre, teaching of ancestral languages like Arabic are financed by Government and Muslims are allowed a 2-hour leave to attend Jummah.
Excellency, you are in a land which shares many similarities of purpose with Malaysia: Both the  Malaysian and the Mauritian leaders are walking, as described a British politician,  in a 100 mile egg and spoon race bare foot on hot charcoal and assailed by ethnic heroes disguised as politicians feeding the temperatures of communal sentiments with Viagra. When they falter on their paths because of the weakness of some institutions entrusted to enforce transparency and meritocracy, their intentions are caricatured to become the targets of abuse. Your host is usually misunderstood because of his originality and his courage.
In a globalized world subjected especially to free flow of divisive ideologies, both Malaysia and Mauritius face a herculean task. Let the admirers of duplicity lie. Both leaders can beat them with the fierceness of the lions that they are; they just have to moderate their strategies with the craft of the fox that has helped them stay in power. Our friendships have been nurtured over decades: let the exchanges you will have produce templates to be copied by plural societies desirous of peace and justice.  Please, do propel our ties to newer heights for our prosperity. Long line Malaysia -Mauritius friendship.
* Welcome