Should we not Fight for a Better Mauritius?

Every year, we celebrate March 12th - Independence Day, giving a semblance of patriotism. Patriotism can only develop if one feels that he or she truly belongs and are treated as equal.
Today our democracy is undermined by coalition politics – a source of many other problems which turn Mauritius into a choice-less democracy. The omnipresence of corruption and malpractices in our society are destroying our value system. Integrity has become a rare commodity. Drugs are destroying our youngsters and the future of Mauritius.  Meritocracy is largely absent. Like so many other young people, I dream of the day when my name, the colour of my skin and origins would no longer matter but my qualifications would speak and I will be treated as an equal.
Are we actually free… is this truly independence? Should we not fight for a better Mauritius?
Patriotism does not mean that we must march up to the border and shed blood. So, as we move towards the 50th independence anniversary and prepare for renewal, let us promise ourselves that we will not simply hoist the national flag but will work towards making our patriotism meaningful. For this to happen, No one shall remain silent about something unacceptable, unjust and disgraceful. Only then would our beautiful island thrive and the youth would feel truly Mauritian. Let us hope that our collective efforts towards renewal will pull us out of the prisons of illiteracy, drugs, pollution and injustice so that heavenly Mauritius can be restored.